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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] A Bit Above The Horizon #4

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  • Danielle Skelton
    Hey, Uncle Fluffy/Cyberclops - do you mind checking on this one for me? It s right by my kid s house and he rides his bike over there all the time to keep
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      Hey, Uncle Fluffy/Cyberclops - do you mind checking on this one for me?  It's right by my kid's house and he rides his bike over there all the time to keep searching but still no luck:

      A Bit Above The Horizon #4 



      On Fri, Jul 23, 2010 at 11:32 AM, Terry Carter <terry.carter@...> wrote:

      OK, I’ve been lurking long enough. I THOUGHT that this was the cache I was thinking about but it’s been a while. It’s got a great story and one of my favorite caches. This is what happens when people put out their own containers.


      Cyberclops logs from June 1, 2006


      Uncle Fluffy and I looked for about 25 minutes and were about to give up when within a half second of eachother we both exclaimed ... "I found it". Problem was we were in two separate places (about 12 feet apart staring in different directions. Turns out we found both the original and the replacement caches this log entry is for the clear tubular container with the yellow lid (which I believe is the original).


      See my entry below ... this log entry is for the shorter wides orange container with the white lid.


      My Logs from the same date

      Found it with Cyberclops. Ya know, some things you just couldn't ever do again if you tried could you? Remember the line about "it was in the last place I looked?" Well DUH! who'd keep looking after you found it? This one would have paid off if you would have kept looking. This log is for the orange container.


      This one is for the Yellow container. Never thought I'd have a ligitimate reason to log one cache find twice but this one really fits the bill. TFTCs!!!!!


      There are pictures of the caches and their location(s) as spoilers if you need them. You might be able to triangulate using the background if you needed.


      Happy hunting

      Terry (Uncle_Fluffy)


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      Subject: Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] WARNING POTENTIAL SPOILER -- Those DAM ROCKS --



      There is a picture of the container in the logs - by Cyberclops or Uncle Fluffy.


      On Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 9:25 PM, gumbietygress@... <gumbietygress@...> wrote:


      If you don't want a potential spoiler, delete and move on.

      Matt, et al...
      Went looking to see if I photographed the cache in 2005 ... no such luck. Obviously, from my log, we had a time with it.
      However, and this may be helpful to the seekers:

      The container is long and tubular, as I recall. Like you get the collection of plastic animals at Michaels. [I wasn't keeping as good notes then as now, and photographic memories get bit rot inside the ol' grey matter.]
      Soooooo, you are looking for something with a slimmer profile -- if 5.5 year old memory serves. Sheesh! Have I been caching that long?!?!

      Sometimes it helps to know what footprint you're looking for. An ammocan occupies a different space than a jelly bean jar than a tupperware box than a ....

      Good luck to the seekers!


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      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Those DAM ROCKS
      Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 01:05:59 -0000

      I have already asked the last finder (DrPflug) if he would help and I hope he doesn't mind me quoting him: "...about Dam Rocks,  no way that I'm looking for that damn thing again.  I'd probably never find it in a million years again anyway."

      There you have it.  ;-)  I agree that we all need to join forces, but I'm not sure if 8am will work for me due to my kiddos.  I feel bad, though, since I'm the one who stirred all this up again.

      I will definitely be there if I can, though!!!

      As for the cacher who replaced the cache without permission, it's also my view that this is wrong.  If I were the CO, I wouldn't mind if the cache were a "no brainer 1/1" and it was obvious that my simple hide was missing, but for a difficult find, I would definitely not want someone to replace it just because they couldn't find it.  Difficult finds are difficult for several reasons, not the least of which is because they were placed in a very strategic manner by the CO.  I would want to replace a missing/damaged/misplaced difficult find myself.  I'm sure the CO would do that now if he could, but he can't... until September.  That's too long in my book, but instead of disabling it, he just waiting for "more DNFs", but has yet to say exactly "how many" more.  That's wrong in my book, but I'm past the irking feeling I had a week or two ago.  Since I doubt it's been muggled, I really just think it's been misplaced, thus turning a "3" into a "6".  ;-)

      Can't wait to sign my "DAM" NAME on this "DAM" CACHE!!!  hehe  Thanks again to all who answered my call on this one.  If I don't show up, please call me if it's found so I can share in the excitement over the phone!

      Matt / Kemis
      Cell:  775-6288

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