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Re: Slightly Off-topic, but I think the spirit of geocaching/letterboxing is prevalent in this charity project

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  • Jim
    My daughter, for one, will love that. Thanks. Jim -- JforceAtx
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 22, 2010
      My daughter, for one, will love that. Thanks.
      Jim -- JforceAtx

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Danielle Skelton <daniellewskelton@...> wrote:
      > http://www.bookcrossing.com/
      > The deal works like a travel bug. You buy (or recycle) a book, register it
      > on this site, follow the direction for labeling and leave it somewhere for a
      > child/adult to find. He or she "captures" the book, reads it and then
      > leaves it for another child/adult to find.
      > Looks like it is a grassroots effort, but so was geocaching at one point,
      > no? As of today, there are 361 books in circulation in Texas, 17 of which
      > are in Austin, 20 in Round Rock, and an amazing 97 in Kerrville. Neat idea,
      > I think, and it involves air conditioning so great for the summer.
      > From their website:
      > About BookCrossing
      > *what is bookcrossing?*
      > BookCrossing is many things. Most of all, it's the act of giving a book a
      > unique identity, thus giving its reader the ability to stay connected and
      > watch it pass through the hands of people all over the world.
      > *our mission*
      > to connect people through books
      > *how we do it*
      > our free online archival and tracking system allows users to connect with
      > other readers, journal and review literature, give their books lives and
      > track their journeys.
      > *who we are*
      > BookCrossers themselves are the spirit of BookCrossing, we simply provide
      > form and function by advocating literacy and building relationships around
      > the physical objects of books. The team *link to team page* that continues
      > to make all of this happen is based in Sandpoint, Idaho.
      > Danielle/Chig-gar-roo-gar-rem
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