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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] You gotta read this log! SCARY!

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    This was found in: http://www.carrizospringsjavelin.com/ The Carrizo Springs Javelin this morning if it is current...might check again on Thursday/Friday.
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 10, 2010
      The Carrizo Springs Javelin"  this morning if it is current...might check again on Thursday/Friday.   The address apparently is just back in town less than a mile I figure.

      Local Man Arrested for Passing Counterfeit Money, Drug Charges and Alien Smuggling


           The Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office and the Carrizo Springs U.S. Border Patrol conducted a raid at 204 South 14th street on information provided by the Carrizo Springs U.S. Border patrol that the owner of the house was housing illegal aliens for transport.  The house was searched and eleven to twelve illegal aliens were discovered.  The investigation continued in the efforts of locating the owner and/or tenant of the house.  The owner and/or tenant of the home was located and identified as Everardo O. “Gordo” Aguilar from Carrizo Springs. 
          As the investigation was being conducted by the Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office and the Carrizo Springs U.S. Border Patrol a twist to the investigation was revealed. It was discovered that Aguilar had just attempted to pass a one hundred dollar counterfeit bills at a local store and had paid another individual that he owed with counterfeit bills. 
          Eight one hundred dollars bills were recovered, all having the same serial number: DB01312963A. 
          Sheriff Joel Gonzales urges everyone and every business to check their currency and see if they have any hundred dollar bills with the same serial number (as shown above) and to immediately contact the Sheriff’s Office if they do. 
          The Sheriff also said that the secret service has been contacted who arrived and is also assisting with the investigation and informed that these bills have been circulating all the way as far as Austin, Texas. 
          The Sheriff also informed that a previous raid had been conducted at the same address by the Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office in attempts of finding stolen goods or narcotics that were believed to be housed.  No stolen goods were found but a large amount of marijuana was found inside one of the bedrooms and since then the Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office had been looking for Aguilar.  Aguilar was turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol in reference to the illegal aliens for processing and will be turned over shortly thereafter to the Dimmit County Sheriff’s Office where Aguilar will be officially be charged for the counterfeit currency and Possession of Marijuana. 
          The Sheriff would like to thank the Carrizo Springs U.S. Border Patrol for their assistance.

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      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] You gotta read this log! SCARY!


      Let me first preface this with a description of Jarihend and his wife for those of you who don't know them ... he is tall, slender but with a large frame, in his 70's, looks a bit frail ... and his wife is a nice grandmotherly type, short, and hauls oxygen around all the time.

      Jarihend found Dimmit, Dammit! (Traditional Cache) at 3/8/2010

      Log Date: 3/8/2010
      "Whew", where do we begin when we log this one! It will certainly be our most memorable one for sure! We appeared to be passing through an area that looked to be a TV show or movie being filmed as there were helicopters flying just above the treetops searching the brush area, border patrol cars, trucks, dogs, even horses and their trailers being at each road that entered Hwy 83 south of Dimmitt. We noted the activity and just cautiously preceeded on down the road in search of the cache which was less than a mile away from the activity. We paid careful attention to the surroundings but knew we didn't need to get involved and just went on our way. Located the cache site and got out and signed the log-which is totally wet and needs to be replaced with a new one-we didn't have one to replace it or we would have been glad to do so for you-then we replaced log and returned to our Explorer cachmobile. Went to an area where we could safely turn around and did so and were on the road again to the next cache. After going a mile or so, we noticed several police cars had pulled up behind us and had their lights flashing! We pulled over and they approached us and the questions began! What are we doing so far from home-Houston, Tx, and why did we go on down the road and turn around and come back this way? They had already run our license plates and knew who we were and where we were from. Thus began "Geocaching 101" and the defining of geocaching. They asked permission to search our car and it was given. They asked about our citizenship and the usual questions. Dogs were brought around the car and they did the usual searching. Our only worry was that our open bologna package we had just purchased and had made and eaten sandwiches would get the dogs attention. Apparently, that wasn't what they were searching for! They saw Mrs. Jarihend was on oxygen and all we had in back was our suitcases and oxygen equipment! They asked a few more questions and were satisfied with our answers and let us go on our way! We won't forget Dimmit County, dammit! SL

      Wonder what/who they were hunting????


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