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TC2010 Rule Changes

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  • stoneswivel
    We, your TC2010 hosts, have made a couple of minor changes to the Challenge rules, and wanted you to know about them. I ve excerpted the relevant section
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2010
      We, your TC2010 hosts, have made a couple of minor changes to the Challenge rules, and wanted you to know about them.  I've excerpted the relevant section below, with the changes marked in red.

      2.5 Scoring.

            2.5.1 In general, the point value for each cache will be the sum of the terrain and difficulty rating for the cache, multiplied by ten.  For example, a 1/1 is worth 20 points, and a 4/4.5 is worth 85 points.   

            2.5.2 Bonus points may be assigned for any factor at the discretion of the Hide Team.  Point values will be available at the Pre-Challenge briefing.

            2.5.3 No points will be scored (on an individual cache, or an entire scorecard) for the following reasons?at the sole discretion of the scoring judges:

         Caches, scorecard punches, or elements thereof which have been defaced, are illegible, or otherwise unidentifiable or unverifiable

         Caches which have been removed, altered, or defaced in any way

         Any cache in which a punch or redirect has been tampered with or removed

            2.5.4 In any instance of the above rules violations, the scoring judges will notify the team captain concerned of the specific action taken.

            2.5.5 The final score for each regional team will consist of:

         The sum of all scoring items for each validated scorecard and other scoring items for each registered player for that region,
         Divided by the number of registered players for that region.

        Where "validated" is defined as a scorecard or scorecard element delivered to a scoring station prior to the end of the Challenge, and not in violation of any rule in 2.5.3; and where "registered" is defined as a scorecard purchased by an individual or group, and picked up at the Registration Table prior to the Challenge.

      The non-legalese explanation of these changes is:

      1.  Point values are multiplied by 10 to make the scoring easier.
      2.  All scorecards picked up at the registration table will be counted, to prevent a team from simply submitting their highest-scoring cards (or their single highest-scoring card).

      Please address any questions to me directly.  Complaints should go to president@...  [}:)]
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