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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Query by Date Placed

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  • Victor Engel
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2010
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      On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 9:39 PM, Nathaniel D <nathanield@...> wrote:

      If you're asking about pocket queries, there should be a section in the query setup that says "Placed during", and the options are "none selected", "the last week/month/year", or custom dates.

      Outside of pocket queries, I'm not sure it's possible =/

      A.K.A. grn beret 2b

      On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 9:00 PM, Victor Engel <brillig@...> wrote:

      Is there way to do a cache query by date placed? How do you find
      caches that you haven't already queried?


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