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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Austin Cache Awards?

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  • Mike Seay
    I m all for it! I ve always found various people s top 10 lists useful -- an organized and concerted effort to have a best of award would be even more useful
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 3, 2003
      I'm all for it! I've always found various people's top 10 lists useful
      -- an organized and concerted effort to have a "best of" award would be
      even more useful to unearth those hidden gems I may not have seen. And
      of course, it would be great for visitors.

      There are a few modifications I'd like to see made to L.A.'s voting
      system if we adopt something similar, but that can be discussed when
      things have progressed a bit further.

      Great idea!

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      > After seeing what several others have done - most recently L.A.
      > (http://tinyurl.com/xmz2 and http://tinyurl.com/xmz3)- I've been
      > thinking about doing something similar here in Austin.
      > Personally, I'd love to know what caches my fellow Austinites think
      > are superstars, and I think it would be especially helpful for new
      > and out-of-town cachers. Plus, it's a small way to recognize the
      > creative/hard/interesting/educational caches out there, and all the
      > work that has gone into them. The winners would receive a graphic
      > to display on their cache pages, and I could make a website
      > featuring all the winners.
      > What do y'all think? Is this something you'd be excited about
      > participating in?
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