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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Romance in Hawaii!

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  • Terry Carter
    In the words of Mater from Cars: Julie & Roger, Sittin in a tree, K...I...S...S...sumpin ...sumpin ...G Maybe we can give Tygress a kick start: Julie & Roger,
    Message 1 of 21 , Dec 2, 2009
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      In the words of Mater from Cars:
      Julie & Roger,
      Sittin' in a tree,

      Maybe we can give Tygress a kick start:
      Julie & Roger,
      Sittin' in a cache,
      First comes love,
      Then comes caching,
      Followed by a -

      Ok, that's where my talents fall off. Tygress take over.

      Congrats. We're all thrilled for you. Hope he can keep up with you.

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      > Dear Friends,
      > I always hoped I would find the geocacher of my dreams, and I did!
      But it
      > took several other geocachers helping along the way to make it happen.
      > but it was TheFoods
      > in San Antonio who threw the party where I coaxed him into taking me
      to get
      > a geocache on his jetski. He was pretty much a goner after that!

      Hey -- I think that was one of my kayak caches (Selma Kayak)!
      I'm happy to have played a small part in this happy occasion.

      Congratulations Julie & Roger and happy trails together!

      -Keith (Indigo Parrish)

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