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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Explaining High Numbers Cachers in the US ??

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  • Maria "theJump"
    I m going to add to this too ... I recently moved from Austin to Pennsylvania ... and I have noticed a significant difference in the caches. As Wayne pointed
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 27, 2009
      I'm going to add to this too ... I recently moved from Austin to Pennsylvania ... and I have noticed a significant difference in the caches.  As Wayne pointed out ... there are very few park and grab caches here (though they call them cache and dash).  The few geocachers I have met have basically told me that under no circumstance should I hide a cache in a lamp skirt or a guard rail.  Now this type of cache exists, but they are by far the minority of the caches.

      Instead, the caches require hiking through wilderness areas ... a 2-terrain here is between a 1-3 mile hike round trip.  I've seen 3 terrains that were up to 8 miles round trip.  Compound this with the fact that there is only the one cache on your hike and you end up with a lot fewer caches in a day that I did in Texas.  In fact, I've been thinking the 100 cache goal that I set for myself before I hide any may be a little high as it may be quite a while before I get there.

      I haven't been here for a winter yet but I have met a couple of folks that say caching via snowshoes or cross country skis is a lot of fun ... but that even a 1.5 difficulty becomes a 5 ... I can't wait to try it ...

      -Maria / TheJump

      On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 7:54 PM, Wayne Lind <wlind@...> wrote:

      There are differences within this country as well, beyond the cache density of the area. My dad lives up in the Northeast part of the country, and they have as many if not more caches then we do here, but the cachers in that area don't have huge numbers of cache finds. When you look at the types of caches in their area, you find a lot of hiking caches, plenty of multi caches and an obscene number of puzzle caches. What you don't see are the park and grab caches that are so prolific here in Central Texas. In New England where they have snow and wintery weather for 4-5 months of the year, the puzzles are a way to stay in the game without freezing to death while staying in the game. They typically disdain park and grab caches as useless. Of course, they don't deal with 100 degree days very often, and if they did, maybe they would appreciate skirt lifters as we do. We also don't have the burden of snow to contend with, so with us we can cache year round. Of course, being dedicated, and a little crazy doesn't hurt.
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      Hi Iris,
      I'd be really interested in what other people thing, but I don't think there is going to be any one thing that explains it.  We have an unusually large number of people in Central Texas over 10,000.  In fact, I think the first NON-Central Texan passed 10K just recently.  I attribute that to the granddaddies of caching here in Austin, Moosiegirl, The Outlaw and TreyB, for their early enthusiasm and intensity.  I was just hitting 100 caches after a year of caching and then I met them.  They turned me into the crazy person I am and we all loved to travel and cache hard.   And then I think that appears "normal" for this area and more people "power cache" than in other areas. 
      There are definitely regional differences, but I don't think it's necessarily between the US and Europe.  There are places in the US where they are outraged if you place a lamp skirt cache.  Multi's?  Anyone can skip multis and puzzles if they like.  Density?  Although Austinn is dense, I doubt you would say that Texas is dense based on the vast amount of open space between cities that Europe doesn't have.  I have to travel FAR to get to some of those dense spots in my own state.
      What does everyone else thing?
      I'm changing the Subject of this thread.
      Mrs. Captain Picard

      On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 5:03 AM, irisisnice <iris.haubrich@...> wrote:

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Cybercat" <cybercat@...> wrote:
      > Anybody notice Julie has gone over 17,000? She's been busy up in Waco!! Look at all the new strings of caches up there!! WooHoo!! Congrats, Julie!
      > Jana

      Reading about the thousands of caches you guys find, I was wondering about the statistics here in the Netherlands. The guy with the most over here has 7605 finds! And he's considered Mr Geocache, since if there is a new cache, he's on his way and he never fails. I wonder about the origin of this difference in amount of finds...Is it because there are just more caches in the USA ( more since the beginning of geocaching and probably easier to get permission to place one)? Or perhaps because we have more multi's (more than tradidtionals) that take a lot more time to find. With your temperatures it's more logical that there are less multi's. Can't imagine walking a full day for a cache in the heat you all have to bear! And looking at the geocaches in Austin I was amazed by how close they are to each other. The amount of virtuals is a big difference as well: in the Netherlands there are only 47. So I'm looking forward to living in Austin: in one morning I can easily double my amount of virtual cache finds!

      To make a long story short: congrats Mrs. Captain Picard, we're amazed by your number of cache finds!

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