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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Shout out to incredible kindness

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  • Rich and Di Michelson
    Thank you, Anne, for giving us the opportunity to help. I m sorry my Fe was too low to give. I had been popping pills and munching broccoli, but it just
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 27 4:07 AM
      Thank you, Anne, for giving us the opportunity to help.  I'm sorry my Fe was too low to give.  I had been popping pills and munching broccoli, but it just wasn't enough. 
      The lake cache started out well, with a few new caches on the way.  But then the boat ramp was closed so we didn't make it to the goal cache.  It was just too hot to walk.  Instead, we had a great picnic at the LCRA park next to the dam.  We hadn't been swimming out there before, but Candy had.  The lake looked about 20 feet low.  We walked out to the new shoreline and the kids and Candy got into the lake, she being the smart one and NOT forgetting her suit.  Then I realized I had on tie-dye underwear (ask Candy and Trey about their new shirts!) which looked like a bikini bottom, plus a long t-shirt and I got to cool off too.  I wouldn't have been able to do that if my Fe had been high enough to give!  Poor Rich stood on the shoreline shaded by a giant state umbrella.
      Then we cached the afternoon away and ended up at the Hungry Moose in Bertram.  The moose is no longer on the roof, and they've fixed his lights so he doesn't look headless at night.  However, they no longer have stuff for sale in addition to the restaurant.  They do still have checkers on the tables for kids to spill water cups all over.  sigh.  Good pizza too.
      Good times.

      2009/7/26 thayeranne <rockslide@...>

      I have to report just another incidence of extreme kindness amongst the ranks of central Texas geocachers.

      Di and Rich Michelson came out to a blood drive at the behest of someone they had never met (me!) for the benefit of someone else they did not know. And they took valuable time out of their caching day. And their boys came and happily waited.

      I was blown away.

      Thanks from the bottom of my heart! I enjoyed talking to you and I hope you enjoyed the lake cache!

      Anne (Totavi)

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