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Shout out for Indigo Parrish's 2K.

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  • Barb Jernigan
    It s so utterly pleasing when your cache is sought OUT for a milestone. Congratulations, Keith!!!! Today was a GREAT day for Sonic, too. -BarbJ/Tygress ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26 5:21 PM
      It's so utterly pleasing when your cache is sought OUT for a milestone.
      Congratulations, Keith!!!!

      Today was a GREAT day for Sonic, too.


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      Date: 26 Jul 2009 13:10:50 -0700
      Subject: [LOG] Watchlist: Indigo Parrish found Track Meet? (Earthcache)

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      Location: Texas, United States
      Indigo Parrish found Track Meet? (Earthcache) at 7/26/2009

      Log Date: 7/26/2009
      [B]Find #2000[/B] : Found it with all four kids on a hot Sunday morning.
      I specifically chose this cache for my 2K milestone since I wanted the
      kids along.
      We always wanted to see these tracks and this was a perfect excuse.
      It was very hot this morning but we hiked in slowly from the trailhead
      with lots of water.
      My youngest daughter wanted assurances that the dinosaurs wouldn't be
      there. [:)]
      We were surprised how visible the tracks were when we arrived!
      The kids all had a great time helping me with the measurements.
      We also brought four dinosaurs of our own along for the photos.
      As a reward for all their help in the heat, we drove to Sonic afterwards
      for ice cream.
      E-mail sent, TFTC

      [U][B]Thoughts on 2000 Finds[/B][/U]
      It seems like it was only a short time ago I was on top of Enchanted Rock
      for find #1000.
      I vowed to not chase numbers since then and I haven't.
      I've concentrated almost exclusively on caches where Terr + Diff >= 4.
      I've also tried to take more photos and put my efforts into helping other
      see the caches.
      A good photo really helps cement the location in one's mind.
      I've also really enjoyed Earthcaches and Virtuals, especially on
      Finally, I highly recommend the Texas County Challenge as a way to really
      see Texas.
      I'll be sad when that's finally over, but there are 49 other states!

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