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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: DeLorme PN-40 on sale

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  • Maria "theJump"
    I got the Delorme for my birthday and have just starting using it. Having said that here s some thoughts: I currently also own a Garmin Colorado ... 1) The
    Message 1 of 28 , May 1, 2009
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      I got the Delorme for my birthday and have just starting using it.  Having said that here's some thoughts:

      I currently also own a Garmin Colorado ...

      1) The accuracy of the Delorme is phenominal and still blows me away.  I get very little bounce that I used to get with my 78CSx and that I get just too much of with my Colorado.  With the Colorado it would not be uncommon for me to walk off in completely the wrong direction.  The accuracy is comparable if not just a little bit better than the 60CSx

      2) I ADORE paperless caching and having the description on my GPSr.  This is the reason I upgraded to the Colorado in the first place.  The Colorado is great for this but the interface for entering text (the wheel) is really it's downfall.  I know that the Oregon addresses this.  I do think that the Delorme has done a better job at taking advantage of marking a cache found/not found, etc on the unit and then uploading that information through the fieldnotes by allowing you to add a signature, automatically adding TFTC and such.

      3) There are some serious limitations in the Delorme's routing algorithms so if you use your device while driving you need to be aware of this.

      4) There is no "official" support from Delorme to load caches into the new geocaching framework on the PN-20/40 other than using the "Send to GPS" function from gc.com.  This means that the only way to officially load caches is one at a time.  You can still load them as waypoints through their software but doing so limits the geocaching functionality that you can use on the unit.  Having said that, Delorme is working on "Cache Register" to address this problem, and in the meanwhile, there is some guy that has written a script that will load your Delmore from any GPX file.  I've used this script everytime I've loaded and it's pretty good but there is a bug where there's a small probability (<1%) that a particular cache did not load (for example, I send a file that has 500 caches in the GPX and it load 497 of them)

      Having said all of that ... I think the Delorme has real potential to become the premier geocaching unit especially with the mapping options ($30/year for unlimited downloading of road maps, topo maps, satellite imagery, etc).

      -Maria / TheJump

      On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 9:55 AM, Frankie <ravensb@...> wrote:

      Was curious how you liked this unit for caching. Considering the paperless part of it and all. I have a Garmin GPSMAP 60 series model and it is good if you don't need the notes. :)

      s0me0ne - Steve

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      > Interested in whether anybody other than me has one of these lovely units
      > ...
      > -Maria / TheJump
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