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Your Texas Challenge needs YOU!

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  • Kevin Mefford
    Did you realize that in only 68 days, Central Texas will be playing host to geocachers from all over the state of Texas? That s right, the 7th Annual Texas
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2009
      Did you realize that in only 68 days, Central Texas will be playing
      host to geocachers from all over the state of Texas?

      That's right, the 7th Annual Texas Challenge will be held March 13-15,
      2009 in Fredericksburg. We're planning the event and need some more

      We have a great committee working on the game format and a lot of
      initial work has been done on organizing the other logistics for the

      However, there are quite a few areas where we can use some assistance.

      The open jobs are listed below...if you have any interest in anything,
      please let me know ASAP, so that we can work on details and getting
      tasks assigned and completed.

      Please don't hesitate to volunteer just because you've never been to a
      Challenge or that you've only found "x" number of caches. Heck, even
      if you don't know ANY other geocachers, you can volunteer and help us out.

      Thanks to everyone for pitching in.


      P.S. You can keep up wtih all of the Texas Challenge planning on our
      Yahoo group:

      Sponsorship -
      We're still looking for donations to help pay for the event and to
      provide door prizes. A $250 cash/product donation will get a sponsor
      listed on the back of our event t-shirts and there are smaller
      sponsorship levels available.

      We need people willing to solicit corporate sponsors
      You can also help if you know of any local/regional business who may
      make a donation (cash or items)

      Campsite coordination -
      Help lay out the camping areas for the regions and be available on
      Friday/Saturday morning in case any issues come up.

      Registration -
      We need folks to work the registration booth in shifts on Friday
      afternoon/evening and Saturday morning.

      We'll need people to help prepare the welcome packets before the event.

      Awards -
      Need someone with some basic woodworking skills/tools to create some
      award bases (routing and staining some small blocks of wood)

      Need a volunteer to coordinate engraved plates for the bases.

      Creative Cache Container Contest -
      Need judges to help on Saturday afternoon (post competitive challenge
      if needed)

      Spirit of Texas Regional Contest -
      Need volunteers to help with scoring (some scoring will be after the
      competitive challenge winners are determined)

      Sunday Cache-In-Trash-Out event -
      Need someone to coordinate a CITO with the City of Fredericksburg. If
      it makes sense to conduct it in the host park, that's fine, but they
      may have another location that could use more attention.
      You'll work with them to get location, trash bags and general
      supplies, and pickup coordination.

      Entertainment -
      This one is more of an optional item and if no one wants to step up
      and lead it, we'll just leave it as a DIY option for attendees.

      We have time Friday evening for an event that could include local
      musicians or a trip to a local venue (Luckenbach, Rock Box Theatre,
      Fredericksburg music venues, etc.).

      If someone would like to organize this, we can promote it for attendees.
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