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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Holy Hydro-Pack, Batman! Can you say "CHRISTMAS"?????

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    But this is such a steal!  Normal price is $125.  The Cabela s ad we got in the newspaper, has it at $39.99 an they list it on their web site on sale for
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      But this is such a steal!  Normal price is $125.  The Cabela's ad we got in the newspaper, has it at $39.99 an they list it on their web site on sale for $39.99.
      But I found it listed on their site for $29.99...  Even if you don't need it, it would make a great Christmas gift!
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      I have 2 “camelbacks”, one on each of my tactical vests. I tell you, the convenience is great!! It’s probably the easiest way to stay hydrated while out in the field. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made by several different companies. Mine are made by Condor Outdoor and are designed specifically for military vests and body armour. My reservoirs hold 100 ozs each and the added weight to my vest is negligible. I buy a flat of water bottles (12 20oz) at Wal-Mart for $2.50, pour 3 to 4 of them into my pack and I’m good. I’m finding that I’ll go through 5 to 6 bottles in the summer and about half that in the winter. I used to carry 1 or 2 bottles in my side mag pouches, they were bulky and I needed to stop, use both hands to get the bottle out, unscrew the top, drink and then reverse the process. I would find myself not drinking as much as I should have because of the bother. But now with my “camelback” I’m always taking a sip of water here and there as I go. It’s just a matter of lifting the hose to my mouth, pulling the stop and taking a long pull.


      I whole heartedly agree with Candy that the “camelbacks are the way to go! Yes the branded Camelbacks can be expensive (upwards of $200 for the best of the best) but there are many off brand alternatives that are just as good. What? You already have a trusty backpack, then just get a reservoir and use your current pack. ;-)


      These are the two that I use:

      http://condoroutdoo r.com/product. php?pid=116&xcSID=2d1208177e051 62d7968c32376167 829


      http://condoroutdoo r.com/product. php?pid=36


      Like I mentioned those are designed to attach to tactical vests, but just to a google search for “hydration carrier” and you’ll find a slew of options.



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      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocac hers] Holy Hydro-Pack, Batman! Can you say "CHRISTMAS"?????


      If you have been thinking about getting a hydro pack and were
      intimidated by the prices of the best units, or weren't sure you would
      really USE the darn thing, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO FIND OUT.

      Cabela's has a mil-Spec Camelbak "M.U.L.E." pack with a 100-oz (3
      liter) reservoir for $29.99 through Dec. 2, in Desert Camo or Woodland
      Camo. It has two storage compartments with 500+ cubic inches of cargo
      space ... that's not a lot compared to others, but it has a loop
      system where other items can be attached.

      I use my Camelbak at least twice a week, and I'm using it every day
      I'm on a truck for UPS (I can hang it up in front of me with a
      caribiner, and grab a drink whenever I want, and don't have to stop
      and refill a cup.). Any time we're doing hiking geocaches, it's a
      "must have".

      That $29.99 is the regular price of JUST the reservoir. This is an
      excellent deal for someone who wants to try a hydro pack and isn't
      ready to spend the big bucks. And that big reservoir is the one to get
      --- you can always put LESS in this one, but if you get a 2-liter and
      want MORE, where do you put it?? ;-)

      They probably have these in the store in Buda, but I would call 1st to
      make sure. You can order online and ship directly home, or to the
      store (free!) for pickup when it arrives.

      I have the "blowfish" model which has been phased out, I think. I'm
      actually looking around for a good price on a "HAWG" because I want
      more cargo space (blowfish is bigger than this MULE, but I need space
      for cache repair gear!). Those who have tried other systems will tell
      you ... Camelbak is the one to use.

      Happy Trails,

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