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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Our Sunday Search

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  • Perrine Julie-ra5686
    Hi Diva, Are you sure you weren’t dealing with a case of “manual input error”?? Did you recheck the waypoint? And it’s not all
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 3, 2003
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      Hi Diva,

      Are you sure you werent dealing with a case of manual input error??   Did you recheck the waypoint?  And its not all that unusual for caches to be way off from where your GPS says it should be because of high cliffs (The Martians Have Landed!) or due to heavy cloud cover (sounds like the case).   I was looking for something last week that I could SWEAR was over here, then when I went back on Sunday, my GPS SWORE it was over THERE.    Id hate for you to go buy another GPS and see the same problems repeated!

      Julie (Mrs. Captain Picard)


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      Took Dude out to find; Penguin Geocache, and the Great (Nerf) Balls of Fire caches.   Before we left, Henry assured me there was no real heavy rain in the forecast, even though it was a tad drizzly with some sun.   Went to Penguin first... I knew where all of these were so I let him search. In the process we discovered our GPS was INCREDIBLY off.   He said the GPS said .02 ----> thataway when the cache was about 2 ft <------ thataway.   Geocache was a little easier and he was entralled with the view and the little river.  Next was The Great Nerf Balls of fire.   Just a note:  he would have NEVER found this with out my hints!!  I knew by the way he was going ( while looking at GPS) he would never find it.   OK... having found all three we head back to the car... at which point it started to DOWNPOUR!!!  We were drenched by the time we got back to car.  


      On the way back home to dry off, we got a call from Chris Miller who was headed out to hide Mr. Hot Potato Head... so we decided instead of going out on our own and getting discouraged with our useless GPS we would head out with them.  Had a great time and met some new friends!


      Lessons learned: 


      1. GET NEW GPS

      2. Don't rely on Dude for weather report!!!!  ( just FYI.... we probably wouldn't have changed our geocaching plans just because of a report of a little rain.... we actually had fun getting wet!)


      -Tropical Diva

      (Currently bidding on GPS system on E-Bay)


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