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  • Julie Perrine
    Here are the very few rules I mentioned about the Funky Bus. 1) Don t be late! You re welcome to chase the bus down and climb aboard, but you have to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2008
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      Here are the very few “rules” I mentioned about the Funky Bus. 


      1)    Don’t be late!  You’re welcome to chase the bus down and climb aboard, but you have to find us first!

      2)   Anyone who opens an emergency exit in a rush to be FTF will be charged the $150 “open emergency exit FINE” the bus company will charge me.  Just be cool and let somebody else do the findin’ for you!

      3)   Keep the bus as clean as reasonable.  There is a charge for “unusual” cleaning issues.


      That’s all!  See, that was so easy! 


      Here’s more info that you will want to know:


      1)    I’m making a bookmark list of all the caches.  Don’t download it until Friday as I’m still working on it!

      2)   We’ll be signing as teams named Sweetness and Rosie (the names of the buses).  Feel free to wave at the cache from the bus so we can keep the show on the road.  Of course, we can’t all wave, so someone’s going to have to volunteer to actually find the cache.  J  If you’ve never signed as a team before, one person signs the team name and that represents everyone.  Log the cache as you normally would. 

      3)   I need an assistant who is coming to the Bon Voyage event ONLY to make sure we don’t leave a mess behind.  Anyone want to earn my undying gratitude?

      4)   Party favors for all, and prizes that I haven’t figured out the categories for yet!


      More info to come as I remember things I need to tell everyone about.


      OH!  We have ONE seat left!  Anyone who’s been on the fence should get on the BUS!




      Mrs. Captain Picard






      Julie Perrine

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