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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: OT: Another kind of Research ... DISHWASHERS

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  • J.P. Grajek
    You left out Internet Porn as the third root. :-)
    Message 1 of 21 , May 26, 2008
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      You left out Internet Porn as the third root.   :-)

      Lowracer wrote:

      When we lived in Wichita in our 1922 vintage bungalow, we did not have
      a dishwasher. What we discovered was that instead of being a chore to
      dread, we actually looked forward to the time we spent talking while
      washing and drying the dishes together after meals. It was priceless
      family time, like I'm sure it must have been in the old days.

      So much of our technology purports to improve our lives but instead
      alienates us. Our world is going down the tubes because we don't spend
      time together anymore as families. Instead we throw the dishes in a
      machine, press a button, and rather than talking to one another over a
      simple chore, we plop down in front of the TV, hypnotized by the
      flickering images, and simply stop interacting with one another.

      I'm not a Luddite, far from it, but I'm convinced that when future
      historians finally write the "Rise and Fall of the American Empire,"
      they'll cite the dishwasher and the television as the two root causes
      for the demise of civilization as we know it.

      aka lowracer
      San Diego CA

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      > >
      > > Who's done dishwasher research in the last couple of years that would
      > > be willing to share their "learnings?"
      > I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! to all the folks who responded. I
      > would have LOVED to get a Bosch but they are just a tad out of our
      > price range. We ended up with a Kenmore that has all the same features
      > as the Consumer Guide "Best Buy" Kenmore, priced at $999, I think,
      > except ours doesn't have the stainess steel tub.
      > With extended coverage and tax and installation, we still spend $800,
      > and it was on sale. JEEZ. Maybe I should cancel the whole thing and
      > start doing them by hand again ... that would buy a lot ... SCRATCH
      > THAT ... a FEW tanks of gas.
      > Happy Trails!
      > Candy
      > moosiegirl

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