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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] GeoWoodstock Update #2

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  • Barb Jernigan
    Thanks for all the reports! =sniffle= I wanna be there! But having failed the ultra-advanced physics of enabling being in two places at once -- start
    Message 1 of 3 , May 26, 2008
      Thanks for all the reports!
      =sniffle= I wanna be there!
      But having failed the ultra-advanced physics of enabling being in two places at once -- start OUTRAGEOUS PLUG/ still two weeks to see The Oldest Professionals, gang /end OUTRAGEOUS PLUG -- we must read and sigh.
      And, frankly, girl -- you are just as lovely in jeans as skirt. The Cacher of Your Dreams must have been stuck in the porta potty line. I will have Words with the Cosmic Auditing Department on your behalf. Well, you know, even paranormal GPSes sometimes get wonky....
      On Mon, 26 May 2008 01:05:21 -0700 "Julie Perrine" <mrscaptainpicard@...> writes:
      I'm so tired, I can hardly write!  Trey, Tanya, Chuck and I cached big in Yuba City today with a large group of mostly San Diegoans.  At the end of the day, 7 of us were still standing, and we had 127 caches logged!  That's all of our personal records!  It was lots of fun, but I'm glad to be almost asleep.
      The actual GeoWoodstock event was AMAZING!  They were really, really organized and had so many activities and seminars.  Trey and I sat in on the Advanced GSAK class and decided we do things fairly well.  There were a few things we learned.  One of the tidbits from the Basic GPS class was that the signals don't pass through your body well, so if you carry your GPS on your body, you may have some signal lag once you get near the cache and hold it out in your hand.  The event was held at a pumpkin farm that is set up like a party/event/fairground type space.  It was very nice, since I had worried that a private venue wouldn't be able to hold us all.  Not sure what the final attendance was.
      Jeremy was there.  I heard he was supposed to be manning the serving line for dinner, but I don't remember seeing him.  I DID direct him to the porta-potties earlier in the day, though.  I guess that's my brush with celebrity. 
      Paul did so-so in the Poker Tournament and Tanya finished second in Bunco.   I was one of the 50 cachers selected to be in the photo collage where you had to guess the person's geocaching name. 
      The big downer of the day was that it was very cold and windy and I had to change from my skirt to jeans.  I guess finding the Geocacher of my Dreams just wasn't meant to happen Saturday.  Sigh.   We cached all the way to the event and all the way home.  The caches between the event and Sacramento were so well visited that there was absolutely no mistaking where you should stand to find the cache, but it made for lots of impromptu meeting up on the road and gave it a really festive atmosphere.   I was SOOOoooooo frozen by the time I got back to the hotel.
      Oh, and NudeCacher was there.....with his clothes on!
      I'm going to BED!
      Mrs. Captain Picard

      A multitude of small delights constitutes happiness. - Charles Baudelaire
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