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my perspective on the challenge - tanya

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  • Tanya Phillips
    Hey all, We had a great time! Thanks so much to Kris for being our team captain, fearless leader, head hancho! Whoo whoo! Kudos!!! It was fun to just play
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2008
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      Hey all,
      We had a great time! Thanks so much to Kris for being our team
      captain, fearless leader, head hancho! Whoo whoo! Kudos!!!

      It was fun to "just play the game" for Chuck and I. He has always
      been a driver, not a finder. I have always went for the Evil Hides
      and high point tokens. This was my 5th challenge in a row and I
      always look forward to the next one, no matter who's in charge of the
      rules, and no matter who wins. It was so great to just go get as
      many caches as I could WITH Chuck, usually I don't even see him at a
      challenge. We didn't try to get anything TOO difficult or TOO far
      off the beaten path, we just tried to get there quickly, find them
      all, and get out. We had ZERO dnf's!!!! We each had our own cards,
      plus 1 wild card and we FOUND at least 23 hides (3 were multis and 2
      were Activities) when it was all said and done and 2 FTF tokens and 3
      extra credit sets of junk we did on the side. (3 sets of everything)
      That was exciting!!!

      I felt that in previous challenges I came back with 1-3 finds and a
      LOT of HARD effort, and LOTS of DNF's and this time it was about
      FINDING which is a LOT more fun!!! I saw people with several
      scorecards running around, and maybe they were "cheating", I don't
      know, I really don't care. I thought after reading the rules, that
      NTX was going to have "cops" out checking everyone, etc. and it was
      going to be all about the rules, so I was glad that they just let
      everyone play the game (with their own integrity).
      I put on events similar to this as a part-time job and the most
      important thing to my boss is that participants have FUN and FIND
      caches!! I did both of those to the fullest.

      While out on the trail, we met other cachers who were 1st timers to a
      challenge, we helped other people, sometimes from another region, we
      laughed, we talked, we whined a little too, but we just remembered
      that we wanted to do the best we could and have fun, hurry up, and
      don't kill ourselves. Most of all, don't take ourselves too
      seriously. It's really hard to host a challenge and it takes lots of
      volunteers who all have input and ideas about how to "keep it fair",
      fun and challenging for everyone -- while including cachers of all
      abilities. I think they did a great job and I didn't want us to
      win. BUT I wanted us to lose trying our hardest, I just wanted other
      teams to TRY HARDER. (which i know is impossible) I love winning,
      but I want other regions to keep playing, so if they win once in a
      blue moon, they'll come back.

      One thing about the 7 lost cards. They didn't cost us 50% of our
      total score, don't put that on those cachers. They could have cost
      us about 20%, but not HALF. It's only half if we had 14 cards
      total. I am sure we had 30-40 cards total didn't we? Chuck and I
      had 3 with a LOT of finds and I am sure that a lot of other CTX did
      too, so 7 zeros didn't hurt us 50% worth. I will concede that had we
      had all 7 cards, we might have been 1st or 2nd, but such is life.

      I would love to see a breakdown of what each team scored and see how
      many zeros other teams had. I am sure that will get posted soon, or
      maybe it's already up there.

      Thanks to all the new and old players. I hope we get to HOST next
      years challenge and I hope I get to be part of the AMAZING Format

      gadget girl
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