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another log for howard

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  • Barb Jernigan
    You haven t found Vista Pond?!? Moosiegirl said. It s one of the oldest caches in Austin! So she and Cheryl of TeamTracker coached us on the approach. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2008
      "You haven't found Vista Pond?!?" Moosiegirl said. "It's one of the oldest caches in Austin!" So she and Cheryl of TeamTracker coached us on the approach. It was the LONG way 'round, turns out, but what an adventure. Especially when we saw the 'homeless camp' -- my god, there are houses in Jamaica in worse shape. Then a lean-to. And another lean-to. And Paul Bunyon's LEAN-TO ... what is this? A convention? Wait: little index card sign: "Group W" OOOOOH, this smacks of school project. Ok. Whew!

      And who would have figured: a pond and fish docks right here in suburbia? Gotta LOVE the Austin metro -- and caching that takes us to these weird and wonderful places. Exited up a fairly easy (though steep) path right above the cache (if you don't want the scenic route, it's the 3rd bench in along the track).

      Lovely to log a piece of Austin Metro caching history -- and get a crazy 'art' tour all in one cache!

      For the full log (yes, it's got poetry!), and pictures (though, thinking I'd go back the way I came in (and didn't), I didn't get enough pictures of the lean-tos)



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