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Re: Seattle - Groundspeak... what to do?

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  • Mark or Debra Eyman-Whitehead
    Ohhhhh, we are from the Pacific Northwest...we re here to help! ... There are two cruise locations for boarding. One is downtown on the waterfront and the
    Message 1 of 51 , Feb 1, 2008
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      Ohhhhh, we are from the Pacific Northwest...we're here to help!

      > We are flying into Seattle in June for a cruise.

      There are two cruise locations for boarding. One is downtown on the
      waterfront and the other is a little further south in an industrial
      type of area.

      When you look at a map of Seattle you will think you can just walk a
      few short blocks...which you can...but you shold know that Seattle is
      built on 7 hills. Nothing is flat. Everything is going to require a
      hike up a hill of some sort. Locals duck into stores and take the
      elevators up to the next street to cut down on the hike.

      You'll probably rent a car at the airport. Seattle is a little
      confusing to drive but if you've got a turn by turn GPS you should do
      fine. Traffic in Seattle is the things nightmares are made of. If
      you're GPS says you can make it to a destination in 30 minutes figure
      on 60 if it's anywhere near rush hour.

      Seattle drivers, generally speaking, don't honk their horns. Once in
      a while you'll hear a honk but it's it's just not done. For one thing
      we've got a cell phone in one hand, a latte in the other and we're
      driving with our knees... we can't afford to honk.

      It's also unusual for people to cross against a light. Even if it's 3
      in the morning and there is no traffic for miles. We wait until the
      light changes. That's how you know who the locals are. We are the
      ones without sunglasses or umbrellas, waiting for a light to change.

      > We are adding an extra day for the Space Needle.

      The Needle is great for a first time visitor but you should know that
      it's not free to ride the elevator to the top. Well, it is but you
      need lunch/dinner reservations to eliiminate the elevator fee. The
      restaurant revolves about once an hour so you can sit and eat and see
      the entire 360 view if you want. An elevator ride to the top for the
      observation deck is going to run you $16. Here's the web site:
      > What can or should we do related to Groundspeak?

      Contact them well ahead of time and explain that you are in town for
      one day only and would like to make a quick visit. They generally
      don't open their doors freely during the week. They prefer Friday
      afternoons when the work week is slowed down but they may make an
      exctption depending on where you come from and how long your stay in
      town is.
      > I guess getting the first geocache (or a visit to where it
      > was) is out of the order since it's in Oregon..
      The tribute plaque is a good 3.5 hour drive (one way) away. It's
      nearly a straight shot down I5 but it's still a good distance away.
      It's doable in one day but it's an all day, bust your ass, day.
      Semper Questio and we did it last year.

      Good luck with your cruise! If there's anything we can help you with
      in advance just let us know.

      Mark & Debbie
    • Russ Jernigan
      Well, as far as a coin stash goes, the coin has to be activated to get into the system. So, if you want it to be online and in a situation where someone else
      Message 51 of 51 , Jun 17, 2009
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        Well, as far as a 'coin stash' goes, the coin has to be activated to get into the system.  So, if you want it to be online and in a situation where someone else can discover it, you have to activate it.

        For a pure personal collection, I guess it is irrelevant if it is activated or not . . .

        Russ the waterweasel

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        From: Joe King
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        OK since we're on the coin subject from your personnel collection do you activated every coin or do you leave some unactivated?

        And if you have some unactivated why?
        IS it to use for FTF prize, because you have duplicates,you all ready have that coin icon, in case a geocache poker game breaks out, or you just never got around to activating them.

        I have a few that fall into that last category


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