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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Sad News

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  • John McGeough
    Beautifully said, I too would like to express my deepest sympathy to Chip s mom and family. There is a song lyric that goes something like in the arms of
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      Beautifully said,  I too would like to express my deepest sympathy to Chip’s mom and family.  There is a song lyric that goes something like “in the arms of the angel far, far away”.  Chip most certainly was carried to Heaven in the arms of an angel – and it’s not so far away.  I believe with all my heart in the goodness of God and that you will see Chip again.  May God bless you with comfort.  May he provide you with healing and love.  May you know that there are so many hearts beating with yours tonight to support and grieve with you for Chip. 


      John McGeough  - redyak1

      Youth Pastor

      Cathedral of Praise AG

      Houston, Texas   


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      Do we all have souls?  I believe so.

      If so, are our souls meant to exist in our bodies for eternity?  I don't think so.

      No one can say for sure why we are all here, but I think most will agree that

      this is not the end of our soul's journey.   I think most of the grief we feel

      for those we lose is a result of not wanting them to leave "us".  Or we feel sad for

      all the experiences that "we" have had that they will never have.   Let's

      remember to think about what is best for Chip and not what "we" want...


      We must remember that all souls don't have the same reason for being here. 

      Some will be here for a short time and some for longer.  The reason each of us

      are here does not necessarily have anything to do with how long we are here. 

      Let's rejoice for the time that Chip was here and all the life that he did get to

      experience and for the knowledge that his soul is further along its journey. 

      The same journey we are all on, heading for the same destination ....


      Praying that these words will provide comfort and not offense...


      aka Doc Geo




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