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Re: Was: Jeep TB etiquette

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  • A Allen (SEMIK)
    Matthew and I have a roaming True Texas Cowboy coin in honor of his brother (4 more will be released soon). His brother was particularly fond of puzzles.
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 1, 2007
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      Matthew and I have a roaming True Texas Cowboy coin in honor of his
      brother (4 more will be released soon). His brother was
      particularly fond of puzzles. Unfortunately most puzzles (at least
      in this area; hey I'm guilty myself) end in a 35 mm or other micro
      container that is too small for a large geocoin. So, I would
      encourage the finders of the coin to "virtually" drop (which means
      to drop it in and immediately take it back out; like Russ described)
      the coin into any puzzle caches the geocacher encounters while in
      possession of the coin. I would also encourage them to "virtually"
      drop the coin in virtuals that are related to the description on the
      coin's page. It just allows geocachers more ways to help us
      remember/honor our brother.

      This is just another reason we don't trap this game in a firm box of
      rigid rules.

      If you're not really interested in the mileage as much as the
      pictures, make it clear on your cache page and be sure a
      practical "mission sheet" is on all bugs you release so geocachers
      know what you had in mind while they're in the field. A polite
      message to geocachers who seem to have missed your TBs mission is
      all you can really do to try to "control" it.

      All in all you can't force geocachers to do exactly what you want.
      Pictures are fantastic, but sadly, very rare. Too bad we can't award
      bonus smilies to cachers who post a pic with the travel bug...

      Keep hope alive, your TB will fall into the hands of an avid
      photographer and you'll eventually populate your gallery with some
      really great shots! :)

      Audra Allen/semik

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "M.Schreffler"
      <mschref@...> wrote:
      > On a side note (i.e. nothing to to do with Jeep tbs in
      > particular), it seems weird to me to count a tb as
      > being dropped in a cache that's too small to hold it.
      > I have a nanocache that currently lists two tb's.
      > Someone wrote to ask me where the tb's were (they
      > looked around the cache area). I thought it was a
      > mistake and wrote to the person who dropped them there
      > but he wrote back saying it was no mistake and that
      > they were "logged for miles". It just seems a bit
      > strange to me to list tb's in a nanocache!
      > I have a tb travelling that I asked to have its
      > picture taken with the cacher's stuffed animals. When
      > a cacher kept putting it in multiple caches to log
      > miles I had lots of miles but not a lot of pictures. I
      > finally asked them to leave it in a cache and they
      > gave it to a friend who then logged it in multiple
      > caches, too! (no pictures). For me, personally, it
      > would be more fun if it changed hands so my picture
      > archive could have grown. My preference that multiple
      > people move it didn't have to do with multiple e-mails
      > being problematic.
      > motx/Martha
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