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OT-- We have 15 kids arriving to the austin area in the next 10 days!!!

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  • Tanya Phillips
    Hello, We have just a few more really awesome kids left that are arriving in the next 10 days to the Austin area. Please look through the list and see if one
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2007

      We have just a few more really awesome kids left that are arriving
      in the next 10 days to the Austin area. Please look through the
      list and see if one of these students would fit well in your family.

      We have 5 month or 10 month placements, both boys and girls, ages 15-
      They must attend local public school, they bring all their own money
      for expenses and school lunch. They are fully insured. They
      already have intermediate English skills and are A/B students.

      This will be my family's third year in a row to host and we love the
      kids and feel like we have family all over the world now. It's been
      a great experience for our kids to learn about other cultures.

      Here's a few of students still seeking a host family:


      1. Monica from Slovakia (17) - 10 months -- she likes volleyball,
      swimming, basketball, dance, movies, billiards, camping and in-line
      skating. Her favorite subjects are Biology and English. She
      considers herself to be adaptable, merry, active, and always smiling.

      2. Jana from Czech Republic (17) - 10 months -- she likes nature
      and would love to volunteer with greenpeace. Her interests are
      reading, watching movies, listening to music, and hanging out with
      her friends. Her favorite sport is rock climging, but also enjoys
      drawing, painting, swimming, cycling, and snow boarding. She loves
      animals and considers herself quick to learn and outspoken.

      3. Patcha from Thailand (16) - 10 months -- she likes kids and
      would love to volunteer at an orphanage and likes to babysit. she
      enjoys singing with her church group, she's buddhist. She has
      studied English for 10 years and Chinese for 9 years. She is
      planning to be an architect. She likes movies, camping, drawing,
      and photography. For activities she enjoys swimming, kiking,
      cycling, martial arts and badminton. Her favorite subject is Math.

      4. Marcela from Brazil (15) - 5 months -- she is Catholic and liks
      soccer, volleyball, drama, dance, and ice skating. Her favorite
      classes are history, languages, biology, and geography. She danced
      ballet and jazz for many years and is now enjoying hip hop. She
      loves animals, especially dogs.

      5. Luane from Brazil (16) - 5 months -- she is Catholic and enjoys
      scuba, reading, photography, cooking and dance. She also likes
      tennis, basketball, volleyball, snow boarding and gymnastics. (she
      was an olympic gymnast till age 11) She plans to study law. Her
      favorite subjects are math, history, geography and English. She
      considers herself easy to get a long with, not shy, and curious.


      1. Malte from Germany - (16) - 10 months -- He is protestant,
      enjoys volleyball and tennis. He also likes photography, cooking,
      playing guitar, and scuba diving. He is interested in US Football,
      golf, snow boarding, and cycling. His favorite subjects are English
      and math. He as studied English for 6 years and French for 4
      years. He takes ballroom dance lessons with his sister once a week.

      2. Wanderson from Brazil - (16) - 10 months -- He wants a family
      with older kids, his age. He enjoys movies, working out, museums,
      watching sports, and discussing ideas. He wants to learn about US
      Football, and likes volleyball, soccer, snow boarding, and martial
      arts. He wants to study navy or aeronautic engineering. He is the
      oldest in his family and a little shy, but says he's a lot of fun
      and a very nice person when you get to know him.

      3. Paulo from Brazil - (17) - 5 months -- He enjoys watching
      sports, movies, bowling, working out, and listening to music. His
      favorite activities are soccer, swimming, volleyball, snow boarding,
      and water skiing. He is very enthusiastic and ready to meet new
      people and experience a new culture.

      4. Matous from Czech Republic- (16) - 5 months -- He plays guitar,
      loves music, movies, watching sports, and billards. His favorite
      sport is tennis, but he also enjoys snow boarding, soccer, golf and
      sailing. His favorite class is history and foreign language. He
      plays tennis 3 times a week and also helps coach kids to learn
      tennis. He plays electric guitar in a rock band and also plays
      acoustic. He has a younger brother and a pet cat named Garfield.

      Please contact me soon, if you see a student you are interested in.

      Tanya Phillips
      Local Coordinator
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