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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Hot Potato rules controversy

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  • Doc
    Ok, thanks... Jack Glantzberg wrote: You can take a look at the logs of the spud TB to get the details. The TB was placed in a
    Message 1 of 11 , Jul 2, 2007
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      Ok, thanks... 

      Jack Glantzberg <hglantzberg@...> wrote:
      You can take a look at the logs of the spud TB to get the details.
      The TB was placed in a cache in a park Sunday night in a park that was
      going to be closed until Noon Tuesday. The TB was removed from the
      cache early this morning when the park was closed, even though the
      gate was apparently open. So the whole controversy is over following
      park rules when participating in this game.

      --- In CentralTexasGeocach ers@yahoogroups. com, Doc <bcwatson@.. .> wrote:
      > Even though I am not playing in the contest as I live well outside
      of the "playing field", I feel like I have kept abreast of the contest
      emails. But now I feel like I've come into the middle of a
      conversation and don't know what's going on.... I don't understand
      the reasons for the content of this email.... anyone else?
      > Barry
      > aka Doc Geo
      > droid81 <andrewd@... > wrote:
      > I never post to this group and want to apologize to the group
      > because this is going to be offensive to some.
      > Kevin, I want to apologize to you publically because I feel that my
      > suggestions to Team Austin B.A.D and the south team in general have
      > put us in this predicament within hours of the game starting. I
      > know that you have worked hard on this game and I really wish it had
      > started differently.
      > I won't go to McKinney falls or any other state parks and place
      > caches where ever I want and to hell with the land managers. I
      > won't try to jump the fences as well so as to not pay an entrance
      > fee. Ditto nature preserves and Balcones Canyonlands.
      > I don't find it amusing that secret service or any other law agency
      > gets involved when someone is geocaching. I feel that the North
      > team has (or had at the start of the game)a slight advantage over
      > the south team based on geography,numbers of cachers, our poor
      > opening move and vacations planned in the next few weeks.
      > If I hadn't figured out that the bug was in Enchanted Forest I would
      > have been among the ones calling foul if Gadget Girl had gone it
      > after it.
      > I love caching. I am impressed with most of the cachers I have met
      > and enjoy being around them. When I cache, I try to respect the
      > area, the neighbors and the laws as best I can. I was excited to
      > participate in a game that involved strategy, probability, human
      > unpredictability and caching especially when played as geocachers
      > would have us place and visit caches. I can't play the game with
      > willful disrespect to parks, park managers, park neighbors, or
      > laws. Hell, that makes the game too easy.
      > Again Kevin, I apologize to you for my contributions to this
      > controversy and again my thanks for the game.
      > droid81
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