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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: GPS recommendations?

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  • engelwaffen
    Yah that sirF is no small wonder. The Garmin V will still be sniffing out the FIRST satelite when I wake up the 60CSx and I m at 10 feet radius right at wake
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 29, 2006
      Yah that sirF is no small wonder.  The Garmin V will still be sniffing out the FIRST satelite when I wake up the 60CSx and I'm at 10 feet radius right at wake up.   Garmin V is relegated to paperweight duty, got to hold down all those print out with the hints some how...ehh?
      cache on!!
      the amish postman
      P.S. Blizzard in place in the Texas panhandle.  Been told today a postmaster had waypointed his house on his 60CS and tried to walk to his postoffice in town 600 yards away across a pasture.  White out conditions at the time erased all landmarks and horizon as well.  He used his house waypoint to find his way back to his house.  GPS may have pulled his fat out of the fire
      I'll see if I can  find out who did this in the next few days.  I think I heard he is in southeastern Colorado.
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      Oh, yes, of course you have to tie everything down, especially in moving water; but if I'd had my 'druthers, I would have gone to a 76CS instead of another 60CS when I lost mine in the river. At least then, if I make the mistake of not tying it down, I have a CHANCE of finding it. It also has/had twice as much memory as the 60 (which of course doesn't matter in the x series units, because you can put whatever size card you want in them). Go for the 76CSx, John! And put an alarm on it, because I'll be watching for your guard to be down! >:):D:"> I have a bad case of SirF envy ...


      --- In CentralTexasGeocach ers@yahoogroups. com, "Julie Perrine" <mrscaptainpicard@ ...> wrote:
      > You trust a $500 GPS to FLOAT in a way that you could retrieve it if you
      > dump a KAYAK in the ARTIC?????
      > Valuable tip: TETHER YOUR GPS TO THE KAYAK and then it doesn't matter if
      > it floats or not.
      > You can ask Moosiegirl for a personal testimonial if you wish, but I've
      > dumped a kayak or two and believe me, what isn't tied to the boat is
      > generally GONE.

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