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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: Podcast about geocaching

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  • Russell Johnson
    I also really like podcacher for much of the same reasons you said. They are fun to listen to and are very informative. Icenrye Geocaching Videozine is
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 27, 2006
      I also really like podcacher for much of the same reasons you said.  They are fun to listen to and are very informative.  Icenrye Geocaching Videozine is pretty good also (http://www.icenrye.com/ ).  He is a one man operation but does a fantastic job.  Have a good day.

      On 11/27/06, ldedear <ldedear@... > wrote:

      The original post has probably long been forgotten, but I have
      trouble keeping up with the forum, and discovered podcacher.com in
      another way. Just now did a search on the forum to see if anyone else
      had mentioned it, because I would have expected to hear more comments
      about it.

      I've listened to both PodCacher and Georadio, and found PodCacher to
      be a lot more listen-able, and the show notes on the website to be
      really helpful. If you have kids, they'll probably prefer PodCacher.
      Mine love it. And, with usually two shows a week, there's more to
      feed your addiction! :)

      There's a new one from Australia, Geotalk. It is still on its first
      episode, I think, but they interviewed the creator of GSAK, which is
      a good start. And there's another one, but I have forgotten the name.
      It is definitely NOT family-friendly.

      Are there any of you out there who can record MP3 files and would
      like to start a Centex Geocaching podcast? Or at least record a local
      feature and send it to PodCacher? I'd have done it already if I
      hadn't already bit off more projects than I can chew.

      Anyway, it's interesting to hear from geocachers in other places, and
      they might like to hear from us.


      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, alan@... wrote:
      > hmmm... Sounds alot like http://www.georadio.org/
      > Quoting podcacher:
      > > Hello there. We are a husband and wife team of avid geocachers
      and we
      > > have started a podcast about geocaching. It's kind of like a radio
      > > show, but it is "broadcast" on the internet and you can subscribe
      > > free! We cover Geocaching News, Tips and Tricks, Tools of the
      > > Interviews, Caching stories and more. We invite you to check it
      out at
      > > www.podcacher.com. We appreciate any feedback from fellow
      > > to make the show even better! Thanks!
      > >
      > >
      > > Sonny & Sandy (aka iTrax and FoxTail)
      > > www.podcacher.com

      Russell Johnson
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