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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] feeling grumpy

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  • Russell Johnson
    I was an avid hunter prior to be a cacher and the rules are much the same. Leave everything just as you found it, take your trash home, and be safe. If all
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 24, 2006
      I was an avid hunter prior to be a cacher and the rules are much the same.  Leave everything just as you found it, take your trash home, and be safe.  If all cachers followed these basic rules 99% of issues would be a non-issue.  Podcacher just had a recent show on Responsible Caching.  Very good show if anyone wants to listen:

      Have a nice night..


      On 10/24/06, Barb Jernigan < gumbietygress@...> wrote:

      I need to rant a bit.
      Just got back from some cache maintenance, and found the namesake of a
      certain cache (a mileage marker along the Brushy Creek MUD trail) flipped
      from its spot AND upside down. [This is the sort of behavior that gets us
      banned from parks, people!]
      This weekend a 1.5 cache had been made a point five because the last
      finder hadn't taken the extra 10 seconds to make sure the piece that
      covered it went back into place.
      Another site showed the ravages of cachers who think finding the cache is
      more important than preserving, say, a historical site. Shall we
      dismantle the rock wall? Even though deep in the description (admittedly,
      encrypted as a hint) it says you shouldn't?

      I've come after cachers with 5 finds and 5,000 to find the site
      "flipped," the cache badly replaced. So a truly clever hide becomes a

      People take some time over their hides on the most part -- and those that
      come behind you deserve to have the same experience (even it was hard and
      devious). (And if you don't like the way it was hidden, go a tenth and
      change of a mile and hide your own!!!)

      It also behooves those of us who hide caches, to beware of placing them
      in a sensitive area -- because the over zealous, not looking beyond
      Waypoint and Coords until well after they get stumped, will take a site
      (like a dry masonry stone wall) absolutely apart without giving any
      thought beyond finding the cache. Heck, I heard of someone dismantling a
      traffic light's junction box -- if someone hides a cache requiring
      destruction of property, that's just WRONG.

      Anyway, like in the Treasure Hunters' Ethics: leaving gates closed/open
      the way you found them, we also need to have a care about cache
      locations. How many have YOU found because of the geotrail? Or because
      the person before you couldn't be bothered to take the extra few seconds
      for a careful return?

      Some wear and tear can't be helped, I know that. And I doubt I'm without
      sin, either. But I'm talking about wanton carelessness. And feeling VERY
      frustrated about that flipped mileage marker (and not only because it
      left my cache -- now moved (and it never should have been UNDER the
      "stone," anyway) -- right out there in the open).

      If we fail to be good citizens, we will be banned. And that's really no

      (Like I said, this is a rant)

      I now return you to your previously scheduled frivolity.

      Actually, the true gourmet, like the true artist, is one of the
      unhappiest creatures existent. His trouble comes from so seldom finding
      what he constantly seeks: perfection. --Ludwig Bemelmans

      Russell Johnson
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