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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Cachemate / GSAK question

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  • Rich and Di Michelson
    Got it! (duh) Silly me, I thought Cachemate was looking for geocaching.pdbrather than looking for Palm Launcher *.pdb. I ll rename them the same way I
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 14, 2006
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      Got it!  (duh)  Silly me, I thought Cachemate was looking for geocaching.pdb rather than looking for \Palm\Launcher\*.pdb.  I'll rename them the same way I rename their categories, eg, 20061014.pdb.  Thanks for your help!


      On 10/14/06, Bob Chernow <bobchernow@...> wrote:

      I agree with the others. I am not sure exactly how cachemate does its file handling but I think that it will allow multiple databases on the palm. These databases contain some of the cache info but mainly point to the file(s) you downloaded with the data. You need to have the files you download uniquely named. I currently have over 18 files on my SD containing all the caches in Austin and Raliegh. They are pointed to by two different Cachemate databases in the Palms memory. The files on the SD in the \palm\Launcher directory are similat to CMAustinFound.pdb, CMAustinTraditional.pdb, CMAustin......, CMRaleighFound.pdb, etc.

      In your case since you are adding on, you might have Caches1.pdb, caches2.pdb, etc. or even something with the date and time like Caches101306-1100.pdb and Caches101306-1834.pdb. Load them into the same Cachemate DB and it will effectively merge them even though the two distinct files will remain on the SD.


      Rich and Di Michelson wrote:

      Gotta question for the caching geeks...  I've been caching with a Palm Zire 31 with Cachemate installed.  I'm using an SD card to store caches.  When we're ready to go out for the day, I use a filter on GSAK to pick the caches we're going to try.  Then I transfer them to the card by making a geocaching.pdb file on the card.  No problems here. 

      The problem is that when I write to the card, of course I lose my old file when I replace it with a new one.  So for example, I had 10 caches loaded up as possibilities today, and when we go out this evening, I want to add a few more, but not lose the unfound caches from earlier.  Is there a way to add on to a .pdb file, or do I have to manage this within GSAK and consistently download the caches I want?

      If I do need to download the entire group of caches each time, it will probably make more sense if I use a card for each database, and manage databases better in GSAK, yes?

      Anyone have any better way to do what I'm attempting?  TIA!


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