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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Anybody Got a Broken Cell Phone?

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  • Bob Chernow
    ok, I am planning on being there all day too so anytime is fine.
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 7, 2006
      ok, I am planning on being there all day too so anytime is fine.

      Julie Perrine wrote:
      WooHoo!  I KNEW somebody would come up with a phone for me, but I wasn't sure if it'd be in UNDER one hour or simply UNDER 24 hours. 
      I'm all about parades in little towns, but I won't be there this weekend.  Let's connect at GeekFest.  I'm not sure when I'll be there, but I'm not planning on making an all day thing about it.  I'll contact you next week to find out what time you plan to be there and see if I can work around your plans.  Otherwise, just hand it to Candy or Wayne because I know they'll be there all day. 
      Mrs. Captain Picard

      On 9/6/06, Bob Chernow <bobchernow@earthlin k.net> wrote:

      I have one I could bring to GeekFest unless you are marching in the Parade this saturday in Bulverde?


      Julie Perrine wrote:

      I'm in need of a broken cell phone again, gang.  I don't want it to use, it's for a cache.  If you have one of these just laying in a drawer somewhere, can I have it?  I don't need any cables or instruction manuals or ear phone, just a phone!
      I can come get it, or we we can meet up at GeekFest or some other event.  Just let me know!
      'Mrs. Captain Picard

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