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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] It's "just" 200 but...

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  • Barb Jernigan
    Actually, it s double 100 (which is 100 times 1).... sure, they add up to the big #s, but that s eventually, and EACH find is pretty darn cool.... or, What
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      Actually, it's double 100 (which is 100 times 1).... sure, they add up to the big #s, but that's eventually, and EACH find is pretty darn cool.... or, "What they said." Rejoice with the higher-acheivers, but also rejoice in your now-count.  Because, after all, it's all about the FUN. And when I meet you at an event, it's "Hi, my name is Tygress/Barb, who are you?" not "How many finds?"
      Now, I may point out some of those big number folks, suggest you get to know them, and we'll all regale you with tales and tips....
      (ok, ok, I'm being preachy, I'll go sit down)
      On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 19:49:53 -0500 "Wayne Lind" <wlind@...> writes:
      JUST? 200 is a great milestone and a wonderful achievement! I think the fact that there are so many folks in this area with thousands of find, that there is a feeling that milestones that don't have an obscene number of zeros are not important. This couldn't be further from the truth! ALL milestone are important and worthy to be acknowleged. 200 is a great accomplishment, and when you consider not having a car, it's doubly so.
      Congratulations on your AWESOME milestone!
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      grn beret 2b passed 200 caches a couple of weeks ago while caching in
      Arkansas. He doesn't have quite all of his caches logged yet but he's
      working on it. He did this in a year while also a full time student,
      a member of the award winning Bowie Outdoor Performing Ensemble
      (Marching Band), a member of JROTC and taking AP classes (including
      LATIN!). He does not have a GPS (that's another story) so must beg
      and borrow one or do without when caching. He does not drive so he
      must hitch a ride, bike or walk to all of his caches. Even with all
      of these handicaps he has 4 FTFs and 2 hides. He is great fun to
      cache with and I'm glad he is part of Team Austin B.A.D. (as
      lignumaqua has dubbed us - grn Beret 2b, Acclanman, Droid81).



      The West was changing, and so was I. No, looking back, I have to thank old Roy for teaching me that when you fall from your horse, you climb back in the saddle and plow ahead. From Butch [Cassidy], I figured out that what I wanted to be was my own man -- just a good guy with a few bad habits. --Jimmy Buffett; "A Salty Piece of Land"
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