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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] How's THIS for a GC number??? "WEEE"!!!!!!

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  • Barry Watson
    That s right, come have a sWEEEt time out in the country in the Texas heat on June 24th. I am really looking forward to hosting this event to honor Wayne and
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 5, 2006
      That's right, come have a sWEEEt time out in the country in the Texas heat on June 24th.
      I am really looking forward to hosting this event to honor Wayne and all he has done for
      geocachers in Central Texas and geocaching in general.  We will have lots of activities to
      keep you busy like mending my road, installing my fence.... ok, maybe not... how about...
      We'll have lots of temporary caches placed and a new, permanent night cache!
      We have plenty of room for parking (and camping under the stars on Friday and Saturday nights
      if you wish).  We will have a port-a-potty available and more in the house if needed... (it's about
      900 feet from the parking/camping area to the house....)  
      Wayne and Candy will be bringing their new open bit BBQ and we'll be roasting corn, hot dogs,
      hamburgers, and if you find some fresh road kill, heck scoop it on up and put it in on ice to
      keep it fresh...  ;-)
      When it gets too hot, take a nice refreshing dip in my pick up truck...  that's right, don't miss your
      chance to experience a real redneck swimming pool - a pond liner in the back of a pick-up truck! 
      (Make sure and bring your cameras!)  Sipping chilled wine while lounging in the pick-up swimming
      pool under the stars...   as the embers of the bonfire start to fade...    A perfect end to a perfect day....
      We will have limited electricity available (two outlets) and one water faucet.
      There are trails to hike and clearings to stop and rest in (not that a geocacher needs rest when
      hot on the trail of the next find....)   There's plenty of animal life here... lots of cottontail rabbits and
      songbirds and yes, we have fire ants, scorpions and I've killed a few copperheads...  we have a hawk
       that lives up high in a pine tree behind the house....
      In the weeks leading up to the event I will be treating existing fire ant mounds, but please be careful
      and consider putting your tent up while you have daylight to see ....   we also have lots of shady areas
      for tents also...
      If you want to go and do your own thing, Bastrop State Park is 15 minutes away and has 6 Active caches in it.
      Bastrop has 5 caches of its own an there's two more in nearby Buescher State Park.  Or perhaps you want to
      bring a boat out to Lake Bastrop or canoe the Colorado River (you can put in at Fisherman's Park).
      There's lots to do....
      Now we could use just a little help to ensure a fun time for all...   Please RSVP using the cache page and
      let me know if you'll be bring anything for the dinner such as a watermelon, side dishes, plates, plastic ware,
      cups, paper towels, chips, snacks etc....
      If you have a football or horseshoes to toss or a Frisbee to fling, or any other ideas, bring them....
      And no, I did not pay for this waypoint!  It was just meant to be.  Fate... Now you don't want to dismiss fate do you?
      So write it down...  GCWEEE !!!
      See you there!  Errr...  I mean here....
      Doc Geo
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      Yep, that's right! GCWEEE is the number for Wayne's 5K Celebration.
      Mark your calendars for the 24th for an ALL DAY AFFAIR. Include Friday
      and Saturday night camping if you are so inclined. Activities will
      include finding illegal caches, as many as we can cram on to 10 acres,
      swimming in a Texas Redneck swimming pool (a pond liner in a pickup
      truck), eating a good ol' fashioned Texas BarBeQue, and seeing how many
      Ribs Wayne can balance on the top of his head (not really, NONE of us
      wants to suffer through THAT!!!). I'll let Barry fill in more details.


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