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Re: Mighty Threelanes has Struck Out! and micro-cache discussion

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  • Rich Wendling
    I guess I ll cross this one off my list for the NTGA Road Trip... ;-( Rich aka Web-ling ... I ... like ... were ... CD ... doodads ... Anything ... we ... get
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2002
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      I guess I'll cross this one off my list for the NTGA Road Trip... ;-(

      aka Web-ling

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@y..., "Candy Lind" <candylind@e...>
      > I'm certainly sorry to see "Three Strikes You're Out" go away, Tom.
      > hope you'll come up with another location for a fun micro sometime
      > soon!
      > I have been trying to think of something fun to do with a series of
      > micro-caches, but haven't had the lightening strike yet. I would
      > to hear what you all have found in the way of micro-caches that
      > NOT film canisters. I've seen an Altoids tin and some of those AOL
      > Tins used for micros or redirectors. I have heard of people using
      > waterproof match holders and even those little teensy plastic
      > that the Listerine Breath Strips come in (wow, hard find!).
      > else you've seen that you thought worked well, or things you've
      > actually tried? What DIDN'T work?
      > Speaking of micros, we are looking along our route to VA for caches
      > to hit on the way, and some guy has hidden 29 ... COUNT 'EM ... 29
      > micros! in the Nashville area. Apparently they are small Praetorian
      > Guards/Roman Soldiers. I'm hoping we will pick up a few of them as
      > go through, just to see what they are like. If you want to see his
      > list, just do a search on the word "Praetorian" -- I doubt you'll
      > any others but his! :-) And if you are heading for Nashville and
      > would like a Mapsource file of them, shoot me an email!
      > Happy Trails,
      > Candy
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