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Re: More Info - Challenge Format

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  • dhadad
    Julie, So a few questions since I ve never done this before: -- Does the registration cost? -- Do we have a central texas team leader yet since our experienced
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2006

      So a few questions since I've never done this before:

      -- Does the registration cost?

      -- Do we have a central texas team leader yet since our experienced
      folks are organizing?

      -- If we do have a central texas team and we're really wanting to win,
      we should have all do a training type of cache weekend?

      -- Does it matter where in the park you stay?


      p.s. Folks in the gym here say "Hi"

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, Julie Perrine
      <mrscaptainpicard@g...> wrote:
      > Gang,
      > Here's what I posted to the TXGA site because lack of information was
      > causing them to speculate and start rumors. I'm posting this to all the
      > other Texas forums so everyone will have the same information.
      > I'm heading up the Format Committee, and I'll try to answer as many
      > questions as I can without giving up too much.
      > The regional format stands. I was informed that that was the most
      > component of the Challenge, and that it wasn't to be messed with.
      > There will be one set of locations that everyone will be searching
      for. The
      > game will not end when a cache is found, it will continue to be
      visited for
      > the entire playing period. While we hope that everyone can play
      nicely with
      > this one set of caches, we're trying to build in a little
      > system that will hopefully make this as fair as possible. We're
      also trying
      > to eliminate the uneven team size advantage as best we can. That is
      > a sore point for at least two teams. We all felt very strongly that
      > region should be able to recruit as many people as they can, and that
      > everyone who wanted to could play, and we are trying to work with that.
      > One of the controls for fairness is withholding specific information
      > the scoring. You'll understand when you get there, and no team will
      > more advantage than any other team. Strategy will be important.
      But most
      > of it will be done after the starting gun. Got a team leader? You
      > want one.
      > This game is about FINDING, not about LOOKING! We WANT you to find
      LOTS of
      > things!!!!! If we put out a bunch of 5/5's, then everybody would
      spend all
      > day LOOKING. That's not the goal. BUT.....expect that there will
      be a few
      > challenging hides. And more importantly, expect that it won't won't
      be what
      > you expect at each cache site. And plan to have FUN. I want you to
      go home
      > saying that you really ENJOYED how you spent your afternoon.
      > Did you know that I HATE puzzle caches? You can pretty much put the
      > of a total puzzle Challenge to bed right now! GEEZ, I'd boycott
      that format
      > MYSELF!!!
      > My Format Team will be planning the number of hides to make sure we all
      > don't stack up at a small number of caches. The final number will be
      > decided based on registration. My Format Team will hide the caches and
      > collect all the waypoint data for dissemination to the teams. No
      one on the
      > Format Team will be playing for the Central Texas Team. That's also
      one of
      > the reasons we're keeping the exact nature of the game so secret.
      We don't
      > want anyone upset that CenTex had inside information. Plus, we
      don't want
      > to eliminate anyone from CenTex from playing because they know too
      much. We
      > need all the people we can get!
      > I'm sorry that the people who enjoyed the hiding on Friday won't get
      to do
      > that. I've made the suggestion that we have some sort of individual
      > competition (informal) on Friday. I think that'd be quite
      interesting. But
      > that's not my responsibility and I'm not working on such a competition
      > myself.
      > No one wants this new format to be more successful then the Team and
      > I'm really committed to taking something many of us thought was
      broken and
      > making it into something we can enjoy this year and look forward to
      > next year. If that's what you want too, then I can't wait until March!
      > Julie
      > I will post this same message on the Central Texas Yahoogroup, the San
      > Antonio Yahoogroup and the Houston Geocacher's forums within the
      next few
      > days.
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