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RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Geocaching video anyone?

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  • Curtis Wyman
    I happened upon that newscast and wasn t set up to record it. But I could swear I saw them find one of my caches! It pretty much made my day. If it wasn t
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 2005
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      I happened upon that newscast and wasn't set up to record it.  But I could swear I saw them find one of my caches!  It pretty much made my day.  If it wasn't one of mine, don't ruin it for me :)
      Stratman / Curtis
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      I'm working on getting the geocaching News 8 Austin story from last
      week online (with austinexplorer's help).

      The story was split up into 2-3 minute pieces and spread out over the
      course of the day.

      Unfortunately, the final segment was broadcast at a much later time
      when I wasn't recording.

      Does anyone on this forum have the final segment on tape that they
      could give me?  It's the one where Amy and Tanya find the final ammo
      can at Dick Nichols Park.

      Please let me know here or email me directly : lists AT skywonders DOT


      Dan (inspectorgadget)

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