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  • Russ Jernigan
    Some of us may have opinions on this . . . Russ AKA waterweasel ... ========================================================= Take the Austin Parks Survey -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2005
      Some of us may have opinions on this . . .

      Russ AKA waterweasel

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      ========================================================= Take the Austin
      Parks Survey - Which Parks Need Our Help Most?
      Austin has one amazing parks system - over 16,817 acres of parks, trails,
      greenbelts, baseball fields and pools. But incredible growth in Austin
      and the economic downturn have left the City Parks Department with a $78
      million dollar backlog of delayed repairs for parks and facilities.
      Fortunately, there are many wonderful volunteers who fill the gap between
      what the parks department can do and what needs to be done. This year,
      the Austin Parks Foundation is planning to begin actively adopting and
      improving high-priority parks. We want your help in picking out which
      parks-in-need we should adopt!
      And so, we ask you to do three things: Vote, Volunteer and Support Us.
      1. Vote. Visit the Austin Parks Foundation website:
      <http://www.austinparks.org/>/ and vote in the survey. We need your input
      and comments. Forward this email to fellow park fans, including hikers,
      bikers, dog walkers, etc. and ask them to vote as well. We'd had 700
      votes in the first two weeks, but we want several thousand votes! Vote
      until August 31, 2005.
      2. Volunteer. While you're on the website filling out the survey, sign up
      for our mailing list to volunteer. We'll need lots of volunteers to help
      out on the workdays for each park. We can also arrange special workdays
      for groups who would like to volunteer during the work week. If you have
      special skills you'd like to share (e.g. carpentry, native plant
      identification, plumbings, electrical, lifting really heavy rocks, flood
      control engineering background) please tell us.
      3. Support us. Become a Park Pal or member of the Austin Parks
      Foundation. We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization and with a small
      staff and a passion for the outdoors and parks. We are entirely funded by
      individuals and grants and every dollar counts. A basic membership starts
      at $35, but we welcome your tax-deductible donation of any amount. We
      like to thank all of our Park Pal supporters - they make it possible for
      us to launch this effort.

      Kurt Hill
      Outreach Specialist
      Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
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