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Re: rejected caches

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  • Rich Wendling
    All of the approvers have gotten pickier about enforcing the rules as stated on the cache requirements page. My experience has been that erik88l-r is a lot
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 26, 2002
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      All of the approvers have gotten pickier about enforcing the rules as
      stated on the cache requirements page. My experience has been that
      erik88l-r is a lot pickier than other approvers, expecially when it
      comes to virtuals and locationless caches. My experience is also
      that if he rejects a cache, a polite email clearly detailing why the
      cache should be posted and how the cache meets the posted
      requirements will usually persuade him to allow the cache. He's
      rejected 4 of mine, then reversed himself after I emailed him all
      four times.

      The requirements are posted at

      Some things they seem to be picky about, and how to meet the

      1. It has to be a permanent object with specific coords.

      Post specific coords. Any wording about the coords being approximate
      or the object in question moving should be added AFTER approval.
      Make reference on the cache page to a specific object to find.

      2. A virtual cache must be novel, meaning of interest to other
      players. Items that would be in a coffee table book are good

      Explain on the cache page why the object in question is "novel." You
      can always delete the text later, if such a description gives away
      the surprise. Or, post a note before the description that the
      approver should delete the text before posting the cache as
      approved. It also wouldn't hurt to find a book at Amazon.com, and
      post a link to it ;-)

      If the cache is archived for not being "novel" enough, a detailed
      description of why the cache IS novel sent to the approver should get
      them to change their minds.

      3. Verification.

      They WILL NOT APPROVE a virtual or locationless without a means of
      verification. A couple of simple ways to handle this are either to
      require the cacher to post a photo, or to email you a "password." If
      you don't want to require a photo or be bothered with passwords, you
      can always delete the requirement later. With the password, you can
      use wording that says to go ahead and post the find, and that IF you
      don't receive the email, you'll delete the find. That way, the
      finder can post without waiting for you to respond, and you can
      simply ignore the emails you receve.

      Most of my virtuals require typing in a password on a web page I set
      up. If you don't have the technical skills to do this, I'd be glad
      to help you with it.

      4. Proximity

      Lately, some of the approvers have gotten picky about this one, while
      others have not. If you have a virtual rejected because it is too
      close to another cache, you'll have to email a very specific note to
      the approver as to why your location is distinct from the nearby

      I've got several virtuals, mostly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, that
      you can look up and steal ideas from.

      Rich Wendling
      aka Web-ling
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