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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Re: What are the numbers really wort h?

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  • Lary Cotten
    I have plenty of HTF s (happy to find), and only a very few WTSCO s (want to shoot/strangle cache owner). I m fine with that.
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 5, 2005
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      I have plenty of HTF's (happy to find), and only a very few WTSCO's
      (want to shoot/strangle cache owner). I'm fine with that.
      On Tuesday, July 5, 2005, at 03:49 PM, Curtis Wyman wrote:

      > :)   I have 21 FTFs, and yes, I'm counting!
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      > wort h?
      > I have high numbers AND high enjoyment.  I certainly don't feel like
      > I'm competing against anyone.  In addition to counting smileys, I also
      > total the number of miles I ride on my bike, the number of classes I
      > Jazzercise in a year, how many birthdays I've had, how many days until
      > school lets out, etc. etc.  A smiley count is just information, not a
      > score.
      > More importantly, is what I do in my life creating happiness?  If so,
      > I'm happy.  If not, I need to make a change.
      > An interesting note:  when I go after FTF, I AM competing against all
      > of you.  And I don't have any clue at ALL how many I've had!  And I'm
      > still happy.
      > Julie
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