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Re: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Looking for help with French and a lost TB

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  • Mary Demharter
    I know a bit of French so I translated all the logs left after yours. Nobody mentions taking your travel bug, they just mention that it isn t there. The very
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 9, 2005
      I know a bit of French so I translated all the logs left after yours.
      Nobody mentions taking your travel bug, they just mention that it
      isn't there. The very fisrt person to find it after you makes no
      mention of it at all. Maybe they took it and forgot to log it?
      Everyone else mentions that it wasn't there. Here are the logs
      translated: (there was one word and one abbriviation that I didn't

      February 27 by misouris (33 found)
      à 12:25 heures.
      Nous avons pris la grenouille,
      avons laissé un dinosaure.
      2 ième de 5 aujourd'hui.
      Vent froid,
      merci pour la cache.
      This person said that the cache was easy, found at 12:25. They took
      the frog and left a dinosaur. It was their 2nd of 5 caches for the
      day. They said thanks for the cache.
      They made no mention of the travel bug.

      March 5 by cyber6 (37 found)
      6e de 6 aujourdhui
      j'aime les contenant lock n lock surtout en hiver,on s'y gele pas les doigts!!
      pas vu de travel bug dans cette cache :-(
      pris epinglette
      laisse mini-pompe a essence
      merci pour la cache :-)))
      This person said it was their 6th of 6 caches for the day. That he
      especially loves the lock n lock containers, in the winter they don't
      freeze your fingers. He said he didn't see any travel bugs in this
      cache. He took an epinglette(don't know that word) and left a mini gas
      pump. Said thanks for the cache.

      March 6 by BeerMan-Qc (233 found)
      2e de 3!
      trouvé facilement avec Gade06!
      RPRL, et je confirme moi aussi le TB n'est pas là
      le Texan serait-il trompé dans ces logs durant son voyage ??
      merci pour la cache
      This person said it was the 2nd of 3 caches. It was found easily with
      gade06. RPRL(dont know what that stands for) and I assure that the
      travel bug isn't there. Would the Texan be misled in these logs during
      his trip? Thanks for the cache.

      March 6 by gade06 (19 found)
      belle deuxieme petite cache facilement trouvé par beerman_qc
      Beautiful second small cache easily found by beerman_qc

      On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 14:59:16 -0000, mrscher2 <mrscher2@...> wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > I've just started geocaching and I'm hooked. Took a trip to
      > Montreal, Quebec 2 weeks ago and placed a travel bug in a cache
      > there. Hoping to watch it as it travels back to Austin.
      > Here is where I need help. It appears the travel bug is not where I
      > left it, nor has it been logged as being picked up or moved.
      > To complicate things, the visit logs are in French. So I can't
      > exactly tell what's going on.
      > Any Help? ^^][KE
      > see cache - Fir Your Eyes Only - GCM43B
      > http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=ba9e35c0-2f65-
      > 40f6-b9f9-058016e099d9
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