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    This is a copy of a front page story in the Centralia, WA newspaper The Chronicle Dated 12/30/04 GEOCACHING HOBBY FINDS LOCAL INTEREST Geocachers Roger and
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      This is a copy of a front page story in the Centralia, WA
      newspaper "The Chronicle"
      Dated 12/30/04


      Geocachers Roger and Sharon Voss consider themselves to be modern day
      treasure hunters, although the bounty they seek has little monetary
      value, "Mostly
      it's junk," said Roger, a Chehalis resident, as he searched
      feverishly for a cache on
      Galvin Road in Centralia on Wednesday. "We are really in it for the
      thrill of the
      The Vosses are just two of the thousands of hobbyist across the world
      who call
      themselves Geocachers (pro-nounced geo-cachers).
      It all Started March 2000 after the Clinton administration lifted a
      ban on super
      accurate global positioning technology for nonmilitary uses.
      According to Geocaching.com, David Ulmer was the first to hide a
      cache, when
      he did so near Portland, Ore., posted the coordinates on a bulletin
      board of Global
      Positioning System users, and challenged them to find it.
      They did.
      Within a short period of time a basic outline for Geocaching had
      evolved. A
      person, or group of people, create a geocache by putting a logbook as
      well as some
      small trinkets in a water-tight container which they then hide in a
      public place
      usually a park or wilderness area.
      The cache creator then publishes the location's Coordinates on a Web
      site where
      other GPS users can enter the coordinate. into their own devices and
      try to track the
      cache down.
      Occasionally the person who placed the cache will also leave clues.
      Roger said
      sometimes he has to track down multiple coordinates through a series
      of codes or
      "Things like that just make the game more interesting," he said.
      After it is found, the finder will remove a trinket and replace it
      with one of their
      own, then state his/her and business on the book log. Most Geocachers
      will then
      report their finding on the Web site.
      "its kind of centered around the site," said Roger of the Web
      site. "you can type
      in your zip code and know where all the area's geocaches are as well
      as who been
      "The growth has been phenomenal," said Jeremy Irish of the
      geocaching Web
      site. "Every year we have to update our hardware, to make sure the
      site keeps
      As of Wednesday evening. the site was listing 134,789 caches in 212
      and 66,806
      new logs had been posted in the past seven days.
      "its really getting to be a big thing," said Voss. "Its
      modern day treasure
      hunting. I imagine people try it once and get hooked just like we
      The Vosses cite excise as well as :the thrill of the hunt" as
      the most appealing
      features of there favorite hobby.
      "Its a great sport for people like my wife and I," said
      Roger. "We're diabetics
      and this is another way to get the exercise we need."
      While usually the Vosses must wait until the weekend to do
      their geocaching,
      they were able to do some hunting Wednesday. The duo started off the
      day with
      three sets of coordinates, although they were not able to locate the
      cache located on
      Galvin Road.
      "This particular one is a micro-cache," said Roger "I
      remember a time I had
      to find a magnetic box on the underside of a drain.
      He is quick to point out that sometimes they must accept
      "There have been times when we couldn't find it," Roger
      said. "There are also
      times when I have to come back three or four times."
      The two have been geocaching for almost a year and Roger
      credits Sharon's
      eagle eyes for many of there finds.
      "Sometimes I will get so caught up with the coordinates," he
      said "Then she
      will just say "oh there it is' and spot it out of nowhere."
      After one failed attempt, the Vosses finally located a cache
      at the Chehalis
      "When we find one, it it's a great feeling," Roger said as he
      shuffled through
      the small round container filled with everything from a plastic
      lizard and a toy truck
      to an Easter egg, ironically. "It's kind of like a year-round Easter
      egg hunt."
      Sharon flipped through the notebook log, and was uninterested
      to find it had
      signatures of Geocachers from Eugene, Ore., and Missoula, Mont., as
      well as
      another husband and wife duo that have hunted with them in the past.
      "See," she said pointing to the page. :It shows how many
      people are into
      The Voss took a toy truck and left a travel bug."
      "It has a number on it," Roger said pointing to the bagged
      item resembling a
      military tag. "If you post that number on the Web site you can be
      able to find
      everywhere it has been."
      Roger 58, and Sharon 59 have no plans of slowing down.
      "Were planning a geocaching cruise," he said
      Ulmer, the founder of the hobby, is expected to accompany the
      couple on the
      cruise this September.
      "We're taking the cruise to Alaska," said Roger. "It will be
      neat to have him
      (Ulmer). I think quite a few people will be interested in coming
      For people interested in geocaching, more affordable GPS
      devices are now
      filtering onto the market.
      "They range from $100 to a lot more then that," Roger
      said. "The good thing
      about it is that a GPS is all you need. It makes a great adventure."
      Since no names are used on the Web site, Roger said there is
      no telling how
      many people are geocaching.
      "All I can tell you is that it is very popular," he said.
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