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9051Yay it's wintertime!

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  • yelsreknat2003
    Oct 31, 2004
      Hey ya'll, (genuflection)
      So we've been keeping an ultra-low profile over the last few months
      getting everything back to normal after a busy summer. I finally
      finished my Divemaster Certification after helping with classes every
      weekend it seemed, and boy am I glad to be done. I have also been
      teaching technical classes in Ft Hood again for what seems like
      forever. I'm back for a little while and lookin to cache.

      Emily hs picked up a new responsibilty, she has begun massage school.
      (as Jim drools over the thought of free massages for life) So she
      won't be with me as much but maybe at events and weekends, maybe.
      Actually it's good she can't go, it gets me out of her hair so she
      can study and give me massages!

      I have other stories and revelries I'll bestow upon you at our next
      meeting. Emily says hi to everybody!

      We look forward to seeing ya'll around. it was good to see some of
      you at the lake cleanup. We were there with the divers at Windy. And
      for the second year in a row didn't win any of the door prizes. Oh
      well, maybe next year. I did get some cache shwag that will be
      showing up in a cache near you soon.

      See ya'll soon,
      Jim (Tank of TankandEmiloo)

      PS If anyone has sent me email in the past undetermined time period
      it may have been junkmailed by hotmail. I just figured out tonight
      why I wasn't getting any emails...doh. I'm watching it now, so it may
      be ok. See ya!
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