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8599RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Cycling Event!

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  • Happ Chris-rxpx40
    Oct 1, 2004
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      Julie sez:
      Hmmm.  Are you going to be running over MY bikers?   
       I would _never_ do that.. it would mess up the paint on my bike..
      Are you going to get done first and complain about our slow riders?  
      Au Contraire, mademoiselle! You mistake me for a Harley-style poser type biker!  I preach "Ride your own ride" style riding.
      I have in mind a plan to circle back and slap every spandex butt as I pass!
      I wonder what a leather-clad hand slap feels like coming from 65 mph?
       Who wants to be first??
       Are you going to try to sit with our group in your leather while we're in our spandex ?
      Spandex is good- It can be worn under leather- one never knows..... 
      Actually, if you'd be willing to ride the WHOLE Cycle Central Texas route and tell people how pretty is it and encourage them to do it, that'd be great!
      Sounds like a wonderful spring ride..