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8158Re: Scary Ammo Can Markings

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  • Essiar
    Sep 4, 2004
      One of the very 1st caches I did was Elizabeth Ney and that
      container, although not an ammo box, says DYNAMITE. Being a newbie
      at the time I thought I was about to blow myself up!

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, lowracer
      <lowracer@a...> wrote:
      > Doing some tweaking of the first chapter of my novel... Anyone
      > any ammo cans with markings that indicate Hand Grenades or other
      > explosives, or anything else that sounds really dangerous,
      like "call
      > the bomb squad" dangerous? Let me know. Off list if possible -
      > lowracer at austin.rr.com
      > Thanks!
      > -mark
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