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8130RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Comments on DNF and "the walk of shame"

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  • Wayne Lind
    Sep 1, 2004
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      One more thought on this. If you search for a cache, giving it your best
      effort and still don't find it, you should not consider it to be the "walk
      of shame". The only true failure is the failure to try.

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      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Comments on DNF and "the walk of

      I'm currently working on the 2nd draft of my geocaching murder mystery
      novel "First to Find," and I'm interested in hearing your comments on
      this topic:

      Discuss your feelings when you search but cannot find the cache. How
      long do you look before you conclude that it is not there? To what
      lengths will you go to get a hint while out in the field? Decrypt the
      hint? Read past logs? Call a previous finder? Call the cache owner?
      Any other extreme lengths to get a hint? Anyone bringing wireless
      internet out into the field (PCS/cellular or 802.11?) to pull up cache
      pages and logs? When all hints are exhausted, how do you feel when you
      have to do the 'walk of shame' and then go home to post a DNF? Do you
      post a DNF? Or do you just post a note? Why?

      Thanks in advance for your comments. You may email me off list if you
      wish. lowracer (at) austin.rr.com.


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