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8129Re: FW: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Comments on DNF and "the walk of shame"

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  • Christine
    Sep 1, 2004
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      heheh would love to get a ring from ya..:) and he would never
      laugh... he loves to see that he challenged a cacher...:)


      give me a ring any time to go hunting..:)

      > Conversely, I have posted DNF on Lucy in the Sky in Lampassas 3x.
      > One time is was dark and I could see the fire flies. One time I
      > old coordinates. Duh. The last time, I was rushing to get back to
      > Killeen to pick my child up from summer band practice. I was
      > probably within inches but didn't have time to make the "trip".
      > I am sure that the cache owner has rofled at my antics and enjoys
      > knowing that a seemingly simple park and grab has stumped me so
      > NO I DON'T WANT HINTS. I may call him up just to meet him and let
      > him laugh at me in person when I make my fourth attempt.
      > I think you might want to talk with Sawdust out of the Waco(?)
      > He posts a DNF more often than not. He even posted a DNF on my
      > cache. It was a huge ice cream bucket out in plain view.I think he
      > gets caught up in the adventure and the history and forgets to
      > for the cache. He seems quite happy to post DNFs.
      > Isn't that the beauty of the sport? We each find what we want,
      > the impossible.
      > Tami - eagletlr
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