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8120RE: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Comments on DNF and "the walk of shame"

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  • Joan Whistler
    Aug 31, 2004
      So much depends on the circumstances:
      Am I on my lunch hour? Is it getting dark and I don't have a flashlight? Am
      I with someone else who's impatient to leave/desperate to find it? Are there
      lots of muggles around watching me suspiciously? Is it an ammo can or a
      micro? Is it 102 degrees in the shade and I'm out of water? All these
      factors and others will affect how long and hard I search before giving up.

      Since usually the only equipment I take with me is my GPS, I generally don't
      have the option of calling from the field, and don't have PDA, laptop, or
      other "advanced" equipment to pull up more info there. I usually take along
      the cache page "without logs" so unless I've read earlier logs and noted
      something there about the coords being off,etc., I'm pretty much on my own.
      Usually I like it that way, but it can be frustrating to be posting my "DNF"
      and then notice an old log giving new coordinates or other essential info
      that should be updated on the main cache page! (Pet Peeve!) And of course
      there's the time I went after a cache that I had printed out weeks before
      and couldn't find it because it had been archived since the time I printed
      it. That taught me a lesson about relying on old printouts or coordinates
      entered in my GPS awhile back! Sometimes when I get home I'll call or e-mail
      the cache owner or previous finder if I feel like I've really given it a
      thorough try and need some help or hints.

      As far as logging DNF's, ditto to what Wayne said. If I've given it my best
      and couldn't find the cache, I'll log a DNF. Then I'll usually add the cache
      to my watch list to see what comes up in the next few logs ... has it gone
      missing, been washed away, etc. or did I just miss it? However, if I just
      run out of time or steam and give up without a thorough search, I may either
      post a note or not post anything and just try to get back and look again as
      soon as I can.

      And as far as the feelings about DNF's, haven't you noticed those big
      bruises I get on my forehead and my right hand after caching expeditions
      whenever I find out that it was there all along and I just didn't look long
      enough/far enough/creatively enough??? DOH!

      Joan "UGoGirl"

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      From: lowracer [mailto:lowracer@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 7:54 AM
      To: CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [CentralTexasGeocachers] Comments on DNF and "the walk of

      I'm currently working on the 2nd draft of my geocaching murder mystery
      novel "First to Find," and I'm interested in hearing your comments on
      this topic:

      Discuss your feelings when you search but cannot find the cache. How
      long do you look before you conclude that it is not there? To what
      lengths will you go to get a hint while out in the field? Decrypt the
      hint? Read past logs? Call a previous finder? Call the cache owner?
      Any other extreme lengths to get a hint? Anyone bringing wireless
      internet out into the field (PCS/cellular or 802.11?) to pull up cache
      pages and logs? When all hints are exhausted, how do you feel when you
      have to do the 'walk of shame' and then go home to post a DNF? Do you
      post a DNF? Or do you just post a note? Why?

      Thanks in advance for your comments. You may email me off list if you
      wish. lowracer (at) austin.rr.com.


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