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81New Garmin Rino GPS yahoo group!

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  • Misbach
    Aug 10, 2002
      Fellow GeoCachers,

      I just created a new Yahoo group for the new Garmin Rino. If you
      have not heard or read about this new GPS device you are missing
      out. The Garmin Rino is the first GPS device to have a GMRS/FRS
      radio integrated into it. It also is the first GPS device to support
      the Peer-to-Peer Positioning, this patented technology makes it
      possible to transmit your location to a friend or family member.

      What really separates the Rino from the rest of the FRS herd is the
      ability to "beam" your exact location to another Rino user within a
      two-mile range using the FRS spectrum.

      Even if you don't have a Garmin Rino I think you will find this group
      useful and informative.

      To go to the website or subscribe to the new yahoo group use the
      information below.

      Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/garmin-rino
      To Subscribe: garmin-rino-subscribe@yahoogroups.com



      P.S. I've already got lots of links, files, pictures, calendar items,
      and polls at the new Yahoo group website. It's going to be a great
      group for all GPS users.
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