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77New Geocaching Themed Merchandise

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  • geoham25
    Jul 30, 2002
      Hey guys -

      Myself and a couple friends wanted some general Geocaching
      merchandise (shirts, hats, etc) but didn't want everything to say
      Geocaching.Com on it. We just finished FIVE new designs which any
      Geocaching fan could proudly (we hope) wear.

      We are selling them on our website through CafePress and only marked
      the items up $1 to help pay for their montly fee. Even if you are
      not interested we hope you at least stop by and take a look at them
      as we worked some long hard hours to making the designs as
      professional and orginal as possible.

      Those who have hit "Dan's Great Hills Cache" here in Austin... there
      is a shirt which you should find amusing.

      The link to the store part of our website is:

      Thanks and let us know what you think!

      - Team KAMM (Karl, Abraham, Mike and Monica)