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  • Wayne Lind
    Jun 6 9:55 AM
      Tony, you might want to hold off sending your resume to the Texas Tourism Council and the Chamber of Commerce.  :)
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      --- Alex Alexander <alex.yahoogroups@...>
      > BTW what's all this I'm hearing about rain??  We got
      > plenty of that stuff
      > over here.  Don't need to come to Texas to see it.
      > :)

      Nah, you ain't got rain. What you call rain we call a
      light fog. :) You ain't seen real rain until you've
      seen a Texas Frog-Strangler(tm). My home of Williamson
      County still holds the Texas record for most rain in
      24hours. 39.3 inches. For you metric folks, that's
      almost exactly a meter of rain in 24hours. Whee! There
      were places just south of here that got over 12inches
      a day for several days straight last year. Massive
      flooding ensued. I've watched the creek across the
      street go from dry to 6feet deep in <3 minutes.

      And don't forget twisters. In the past 5 years I've
      been able to see no less than 3 from my front yard.

      Did we mention the state bird? The mosquito. You've
      got to watch your kids for fear of them being hauled

      In Texas, everything either sticks, bites, or stings.

      Team Bohica

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