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734The British are coming.....

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  • Alex Alexander
    Jun 2, 2003
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      Well at least one of us is. :)

      Pretty much as a result of the fantastically friendly and helpful response
      to my enquiries on this group about what the Austin area is like to live
      in, we have decided to come over and take a look for ourselves.

      We want to look at the north of Austin with the prospect of moving over
      sometime next year. We have booked tickets to fly to Houston on the 9th
      July (its $200 cheaper than flying to Austin) and will be in Texas for just
      short of a week.

      I would hope that as well as looking at different neighbourhoods we might
      just be able to hunt some tupperware too :) . Any of you guys like to act
      as cache buddy?

      How about some kind of get-together or meet on the weekend of 12/13 July
      or will you all be partied out from the celebrations of the 4th???? (we
      let you win you know!!!)

      Alex (Brit) & Kim (ex-MN) - Slytherin
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