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6550Re: Okay, that's it, I can't wait any longer!!!!

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  • Essiar
    Jun 2, 2004
      "We shall bring weapons to attack the 'revors'!!! What do they eat?
      What are their weaknesses? I will prepare our attack!!!"

      When I was still a young flyboy I was assigned a reconassaince
      mission on the Third Moon. I got my butt out of there almost as soon
      as I landed. I did pass by one quite disturbing item of interest. An
      abandoned establishment named "Third Moon Human Sacrifice Facility
      and Deicatessen". Upon rumaging through some tattered receipts on
      the ground I noticed one item that was repeatedly listed on almost
      every one. It was something abbreviated as "SBB". Seemed that almost
      every Revor ordered that particular dish. Then it hit me. When I
      looked up at the menu on the wall, right there on top of the list of
      delicacies was "Sauteed Bubba Babes". Those Revors consider female
      humans from the region of South Austin Planet Earth to be their
      ultimate gourmet delight! Although this image repulsed me to no end,
      my mind did subconciously chatter, "Can you blame them?". This got
      me to thinking....
      I believe the Revors might actually meet their match this evening.
      The lure of a specific South Austin Cadet tonight might be their
      downfall. There is a rumor buzzing throughout the galaxy today that
      the infamous Chief Weapons Officer Gadget "KickAss" Girl will be
      paying them a visit. The Revors will finally meet their match. I am
      currently in negotiations with Intergallactic HBO to televise the
      event on Pay per View. You won't want to miss this one. Stand by for
      further updates.

      --- In CentralTexasGeocachers@yahoogroups.com, "Tanya Phillips"
      <tanyamp@a...> wrote:
      > Count Gadget Girl and Guyver in for tonight's rescue mission! We
      > can bring a secondary recovery vehicle if needed. We have the
      > white SharkMobile with covered rear cabin. Let us know if it is
      > needed. We will have to have a ride from 2nd station back to
      > Will report to meeting location at 2030 this pm.
      > ps. tomorrow would be our 4th wedding anniversary, so should this
      > rescue attempt prove fatal for one or the other or both, someone
      > please report back to our children that we were brave in our
      > We shall bring weapons to attack the 'revors'!!! What do they
      > What are their weaknesses? I will prepare our attack!!!
      > over and out!
      > send....
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